Fall 2021

BUSCOM 431Business Strategy (Law)
BUSCOM 432Business Analytics
BUSCOM 510Contracts
BUSCOM 601SBusiness Associations
BUSCOM 620Securities Regulation
BUSCOM 629Employment Law
BUSCOM 631Entrepreneurship Law
BUSCOM 633RPrivate Equity
BUSCOM 633UVenture Capital and Early Stage Financing
BUSCOM 633ZStructuring Transactions: Financial Institutions
BUSCOM 634The Derivatives Markets and Legal Practice
BUSCOM 638Mergers and Acquisitions
BUSCOM 646BInternational Project Finance
BUSCOM 649Accounting for Decision-Making (Law)
BUSCOM 650Antitrust Law
BUSCOM 660Commercial Law: Secured Transactions
BUSCOM 664The Evolving Role of the Law Department in the Modern Corporation and Legal Industry
BUSCOM 665BBankruptcy
BUSCOM 667Corporate Restructuring: Bankruptcy Reorganizations
BUSCOM 670PPracticum: Corporate Counsel
BUSCOM 680Mutual Fund Regulation
BUSCOM 690Basic Federal Income Taxation
BUSCOM 701CContracts (LLM)
BUSCOM 711Law, Finance, and Institutions
BUSCOM 715Investment Banking and Private Equity
BUSCOM 723Corporate Tax (JD/Gen.LLM)
BUSCOM 735Financial and Emerging Tech
BUSCOM 740Business Integrity, Values and Compliance
BUSCOM 802MBusiness Associations
BUSCOM 810Contract Law
BUSCOM 901-0Business Formation & Structure
BUSCOM 905-0Business Strategy & Frameworks
BUSCOM 906-0Contract Law
BUSCOM 907-0Federal Income Taxation
BUSCOM 908-0Business & Corporate Strategy in Action
BUSCOM 917-0Introduction to Securities Regulation
BUSCOM 922-0Presentation Design & Visual Storytelling
BUSCOM 935-0Entrepreneurship Lab: Part I
BUSCOM 950-0Digital Evidence & Data Governance in the Litigation Process
BUSCOM 962-0Advanced Contracts: Practical Aspects
BUSCOM 965-0Entrepreneurship Law
CONPUB 600Administrative Law
CONPUB 613Law and Religion
CONPUB 615Fourteenth Amendment
CONPUB 616Abortion Seminar
CONPUB 618Classical Athenian Law
CONPUB 628Presidential Power and the Law
CONPUB 638Practicum: Public Interest Law
CONPUB 647Practicum: Judicial
CONPUB 650Federal Jurisdiction
CONPUB 656Practicum: Civil Government
CONPUB 664Animal and Food Law and Policy Seminar
CONPUB 682Women, Gender and Human Rights
CONPUB 694International Human Rights Law
CONPUB 720Topics in Government Secrecy
CONPUB 731Fair Housing Basics
CONPUB 747Law and Regulatory Policy along the Frontier
CONPUB 749Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity Law
CONPUB 754Cybercrime
CONPUB 760Advanced Federal Jurisdiction
CONPUB 766Race, Law, and Capitalism
CONPUB 801EConstitutional Law
CRIM 520Criminal Law
CRIM 608Practicum: Criminal Law
CRIM 610Constitutional Criminal Procedure
CRIM 613Abolition and the Law of Violence
CRIM 621Criminal Trial Practice
CRIM 629Justice, Equity, and Opportunity: Shifting Approaches to Criminal Justice Reform
CRIM 655Prisons and Prisoners' Rights
CRIM 675White Collar Criminal Practice
INTPROP 901-0Intellectual Property Fundamentals
INTPROP 905-0Patent Law
INTPROP 910-0Patent Preparation & Prosecution Workshop
INTPROP 950-0International & Comparative IP
INTPROP 980-0Patent Landscape Analysis Using AI
LAWSTUDY 500Independent Study
LAWSTUDY 540Communication and Legal Reasoning I
LAWSTUDY 616History of Economic Regulation
LAWSTUDY 620Advanced Legal Research
LAWSTUDY 620AAdvanced Legal Writing: Argument, Advocacy, Drafting
LAWSTUDY 622Basics of Contract Drafting
LAWSTUDY 628Advanced Legal Writing: Writing for the Court
LAWSTUDY 633Colloquium: Law and Economics
LAWSTUDY 642Narrative Structures: Law, Literature, Journalism, Film
LAWSTUDY 647BAuthenticity in Legal Practice
LAWSTUDY 667JDPhD Workshop
LAWSTUDY 690Senior Research
LAWSTUDY 717Artificial Intelligence and Legal Reasoning
LAWSTUDY 727Federalist Papers
LAWSTUDY 901-0Negotiation Skills & Strategies
LAWSTUDY 905-0Quantitative Reasoning in the Law
LAWSTUDY 906Global Exchange Study
LAWSTUDY 910Common Law Reasoning
LAWSTUDY 923American Legal Studies:Civil Procedure
LAWSTUDY 924Legal Technology
LAWSTUDY 930-0Corporate Criminal Law
LAWSTUDY 950-0Research in Law, Business & Technology
LAWSTUDY 951-0Legal Operations
LAWSTUDY 953-0Forensic Science
LAWSTUDY 956-0Effective Professional Communication
LITARB 530Civil Procedure
LITARB 599Legal Ethics for Litigators
LITARB 600Legal Ethics
LITARB 600BProfessional Responsibility in Legal Writing
LITARB 600PLegal Ethics for Public Interest and Government Lawyers
LITARB 601Legal Ethics and Professional Responsibility
LITARB 604International Business Law Negotiation
LITARB 605Trial Advocacy ITA
LITARB 605IIntroduction to Trial Advocacy (International Track)
LITARB 606Evidence (ITA)
LITARB 607Legal Ethics (ITA)
LITARB 612The Strategy of Litigation
LITARB 614AIntellectual Property Litigation: Pretrial Skills
LITARB 616Pre-Trial Advocacy
LITARB 626Dispute Resolution in Sports
LITARB 635Evidence
LITARB 670Negotiation
LITARB 671Juries
LITARB 675Mediation and Advocacy
LITARB 681Law, Advocacy & Public Persuasion
LITARB 687Arbitration in the United States
LITARB 698Trial Team I
LITARB 700Clinic: DPELC Entrepreneurship Law
LITARB 708Clinic Practice: Center on Wrongful Convictions
LITARB 714Clinic: International Human Rights Advocacy
LITARB 719Clinic: Federal Appellate Practice
LITARB 721Clinic: Civil Rights Litigation
LITARB 722Clinic Practice: The United States Supreme Court
LITARB 728Clinic Practice: Immigration Law
LITARB 729Clinic Practice: Environmental Advocacy
LITARB 730Clinic Practice: Complex Civil Litigation & Investor Protection
LITARB 733Clinic Juvenile Justice Pre-Trial, Trial, Appeal and Post-Dispositional / Post-Conviction Advocacy
LITARB 734Clinic: Second Chances for Youth: Decarceration, Diversion and Post-Sentencing Advocacy
LITARB 744International Litigation
LITARB 745Clinic Practice: Women and Children's Human Rights Advocacy
LITARB 746Clinic: Movement Lawyering
LITARB 803EEthics
PPTYTORT 530Property
PPTYTORT 613Clean Energy
PPTYTORT 614Structuring Transactions: Environmental Law
PPTYTORT 618Natural Resources
PPTYTORT 648Law and the Creative Industries
PPTYTORT 650Intellectual Property
PPTYTORT 653Trademarks and Deceptive Advertising
PPTYTORT 660International Environmental Law
PPTYTORT 670Healthcare Policy Seminar
REGLAW 901-0Legal & Regulatory Process
REGLAW 902-0U.S. Regulation: Design, Implementation, and Enforcement
REGLAW 905-0Regulatory Strategy & Communication
REGLAW 906-0Biometric Technologies, Law & Policy
REGLAW 924-0Data in Society
REGLAW 936-0Fintech Law & Regulation
REGLAW 945-0Healthcare Finance
REGLAW 965-0Privacy Law and Regulation
REGLAW 975-0Food Policy and Regulation
REGLAW 990-0Dynamics of the Cannabis Industry: Past, Present & Future
TAXLAW 602S Corporations and Other Specially Taxed Entities
TAXLAW 610Corporate Taxation (LLM Tax)
TAXLAW 615Tax Exempt Organizations
TAXLAW 620Partnership Tax (LLM Tax)
TAXLAW 640Taxation of Property Transactions
TAXLAW 650Estate and Gift Tax
TAXLAW 670International Taxation
TAXLAW 674Tax Treaties
TAXLAW 675Tax Procedure
TAXLAW 678Transfer Pricing
TAXLAW 686Executive Compensation
TAXLAW 901Tax Research