Summer 2020

BUSCOM 601SBusiness Associations
BUSCOM 605DContracts II: UCC Article 2 (Sales Law)
BUSCOM 631Entrepreneurship Law
BUSCOM 638Mergers and Acquisitions
BUSCOM 667Corporate Restructuring: Bankruptcy Reorganizations
BUSCOM 670PSPracticum: Corporate Counsel
BUSCOM 690Basic Federal Income Taxation
BUSCOM 804EBusiness Associations II
BUSCOM 810Contract Law
CONPUB 619Employment Discrimination
CONPUB 647DPracticum: Judicial
CONPUB 647SPracticum: Judicial
CONPUB 740Policing Chicago’s Communities:Examining historical & current practices & analyzing for reform
CONPUB 743The Law of Whistleblowing
LAWSTUDY 500Independent Study
LAWSTUDY 546Legal Issues in COVID-19 Crisis
LAWSTUDY 623SEffective Legal Writing
LAWSTUDY 659Law Practice Field Studies
LAWSTUDY 699Summer Research Internship
LAWSTUDY 712Advanced Legal Writing – Communicating with Professionals
LAWSTUDY 721Leading in the Law
LAWSTUDY 912-0Ethics
LITARB 604TInternational Business Law & Negotiations
LITARB 670SNegotiation Workshop
LITARB 729Clinic Practice: Environmental Advocacy
LITARB 730Clinic Practice: Complex Civil Litigation & Investor Protection
LITARB 891Civil Procedure
PPTYTORT 804EProperty