Business Essentials, PB Certificate

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The Business Essentials post-baccalaureate certificate program is designed for those who are new to a business environment or who lack an academic background in business. This program offers foundational courses in accounting, finance, marketing, and organization behavior, providing students with an understanding of essential business principles and practices.  Individuals who come from a liberal arts background may be especially interested in this program, which will enable them to learn about the basic principles of business in a real-world context. 

Fully online certificate completion is available by selecting online courses in the program.

This program was formerly titled Business Practices.


Four from the following:

Course Title
ACCOUNT 201-DLIntroduction to Financial Accounting
ACCOUNT 202-DLIntroduction to Managerial Accounting
CIS 350-DLInformation Technology Strategy
ECON 201-CNIntroduction to Macroeconomics
FINANCE 202-DLIntroduction to Finance
MKTG 201-DLPrinciples of Marketing
ORG_BEH 301-DLOrganization Behavior
ORG_BEH 367-DLStrategic Planning and Management
ORG_BEH 369-CNEntrepreneurship and Technology
PHIL 364-DLBusiness and Professional Ethics