English and American Literature Major

Students must also complete the Undergraduate Registration Requirement and the degree requirements of their home school.

Course Title
Department Courses (13 units)
2 introductory courses:
British Literary Traditions
American Literary Traditions
And 1 other from the following:
British Literary Traditions
British Literary Traditions
American Literary Traditions
American Literary Traditions
2 required seminars
Seminar in Reading and Interpretation
Research Seminar for Literature Majors
9 additional literature courses
At least 7 at the 300 level or above
At most 2 at the 200 level 1
At least 3 on works written before 1830
At least 3 on works written after 1830
At least 1 in American literature
At least 1 exploring transnationalism and textual circulation
At least 1 exploring identities, communities, and social practice
At most 1 taken in another department or program; must be at the 300 level or above

Honors in Literature

To prepare to apply to the honors program, all literature majors take ENGLISH 397-0 Research Seminar for Literature Majors, which provides an opportunity to complete a 15-page research paper. Literature majors with strong academic records may then apply during spring of junior year for admission to the 2-quarter senior thesis sequence (ENGLISH 398-1 & ENGLISH 398-2), which meets the following fall and winter quarters (ENGLISH 398-1 & ENGLISH 398-2 do not count toward the English major). Accepted students are expected to produce a senior thesis of about 40 pages. Students whose theses and grades meet department criteria are recommended to the college for graduation with honors. For more information, including funding opportunities, visit the department website and see Honors in the Major.