Geography Minor

The minor in geography supplements the academic programs of students who major in related social and natural sciences by training them in the theory and method of geographical analysis.

Course Title
MATH 220-0
MATH 224-0
Differential Calculus of One-Variable Functions
and Integral Calculus of One-Variable Functions
or MATH 212-0
MATH 213-0
MATH 214-0
Single Variable Calculus I
and Single Variable Calculus II
and Single Variable Calculus III
STAT 210-0Introductory Statistics for the Social Sciences
or STAT 202-0 Introduction to Statistics
Minor Requirements (6 units)
GEOG 211-0World Biogeography
or GEOG 235-0 Atmosphere and Climate
GEOG 240-0Economic Geography
GEOG 341-0Principles of Cartography
or GEOG 343-0 Geographic Information Systems
3 additional courses approved by the geography program adviser