The Communicating Brain

Module Requirements (4 units)

Required Courses (4 units)

Course Title
CSD 202-0Neurobiology of Communication
CSD 303-0Brain and Cognition
CSD 310-0Biological Foundations of Speech and Music
CSD 395-0Cognitive Neuroscience of Human Communication *

*CSD 395-0 prerequisites include CSD 202 & CSD 303, and 1 lab science course

Additional Requirements (0 units)

Course Title
CMN 370-0Module Capstone

This zero-credit course encompasses all co-curricular activities and the capstone project required for completion of the module. 

Suggested courses for further study outside SoC

Students are encouraged to work together with their advisor to discover interesting courses throughout Northwestern University that are relevant to the content of the module. Some examples include:

Course Title
BIOL_SCI 302-0Fundamentals of Neurobiology
COG_SCI 207-0Introduction to Cognitive Modeling
COG_SCI 210-0Language and the Brain
NEUROSCI 326-0Neurobiology of Learning and Memory