Digital Media 

Module Requirements (4 units)

Prerequisites (1 unit)

Students may be concurrently enrolled or have immediate plans for enrollment in this course when applying for admission to the module.

Course Title
COMM_ST 227-0Communication & Technology

Elective Courses (3 units)

Students may take any 3 of the following, of which at least 2 must be COMM_ST.

Course Title
COMM_ST 351-0Technology & Human Interaction
COMM_ST 352-0Social Network Analysis
COMM_ST 353-0Collaboration Technology
COMM_ST 358-0Algorithms and Society
COMM_ST 371-0Cultural Analytics
COMM_ST 375-0The Sociology of Online News
COMM_ST 378-0Online Communities and Crowds
COMM_ST 388-0Internet and Society
COMM_ST 395-0Topics in Communication Studies *
COMP_SCI 295-0Special Topics in Computer Science (Lifting the Black Box: Computation for Social Scientists (Note: This topic, with this course number, is the only one that is approved for the module))
COMP_SCI 314-0Technology and Human Interaction
COMP_SCI 330-0Human Computer Interaction
COMP_SCI 348-0Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
DSGN 305-0Human-Centered Service Design
DSGN 306-0UX Design
JOUR 342-1Knight Lab: Studio
JOUR 376-0Media Design (Topics: Digital Design for Social Change)

*Acceptable topics for COMM_ST 395-0:

  • Algorithmic News Media 
  • Digital Communication 
  • Digital Media and Health Communication 
  • Information Visualization 
  • Introduction to Social Network Analysis 
  • Knight Lab Studio 
  • Social Media, Technology, and Mental Health 
  • Spatial Data Science and Spatial Computing 
  • Storytelling with Data Visualization 
  • Understanding Digital Media: Practicum in Qualitative Methods 

Additional Requirements (0 units)

Course Title
CMN 370-0Module Capstone

This zero-credit course encompasses all co-curricular activities and the capstone project required for completion of the module.