Sound Cultures

Module Requirements (5 units)

Prerequisite Courses (2 units)

Course Title
PERF_ST 220-0Sound Cultures
RTVF 383-0Introduction to Sound Production

Required Courses (2 units)

Choose 2 from the following options. 

Course Title
PERF_ST 316-0Folklore and Oral Traditions
PERF_ST 330-0Topics in Performance Studies
Topics: Sounding America, Sonic Cultures of the Middle East, Sounding Bodies, and Found Sound
RTVF 322-0Radio/Television/Film Genre
RTVF 373-0Topics in Sound
RTVF 379-0Topics in Film/Video/Audio Production
RTVF 384-0Introduction to Sound Postproduction
RTVF 398-0Symposium: Issues in RTVF
GEN_LA 280-6Residence-Linked Seminar - VI (Literature and Fine Arts)
Edison to iTunes: The History of Recorded Sound

Elective Courses (1 unit)

Students will choose one elective course that focuses significantly on sound culture (course subject to approval by module advisor. The course will include:

  • Related SoC courses
  • Related humanities/communication/music courses
  • Artistic praxis courses
  • Independent study
  • Internship for credit

Additional Requirements (0 units)

Course Title
CMN 370-0Module Capstone

This zero-credit course encompasses all co-curricular activities and the capstone project required for completion of the module.