Human Development & Psychological Services (HDPS)

HDPS 201-0 Introduction to Psychological Services (1 Unit)   Overview of professional degrees, sites and various populations in psychological services. Introduction to the most common mental disorders and counseling fundamentals used in mental health careers will also be covered. To achieve this breadth, the course is divided into three modules: history and careers in psychological services, approaches and practice in counseling, and common mental disorders.

HDPS 222-0 Career Development: Theory and Counseling (1 Unit)   The career-development process and its relation to the world of work. Discussion of career-development theories. Focus on self-assessment; decision-making and job-seeking skills; and educational, occupational, and community information.

HDPS 301-0 The Counseling Process: Theory & Practice (1 Unit)   Survey of counseling perspectives and techniques, along with the theories that form the basis of understanding these concepts. Overview of clinical assessment, client systems, counseling theories, and counseling techniques. Review how dynamics and complexity associated with counseling diverse populations and understanding the roles that diversity and personal values play in the counseling process.

HDPS 305-0 Identity and Motivation (1 Unit)   Examines the connection between conceptions of the self and goal-oriented motivation, with particular attention to the influence of social, structural, and cultural forces.

HDPS 306-0 Developmental Psychopathology (1 Unit)   Study of models of risk and resilience, developmental pathways, and the transactional model of development.

HDPS 340-0 Marriage 101: Building Loving and Lasting Relationships (1 Unit)   Study of the intricacies and problems of close, committed, interpersonal relationships, especially marriage. This course will increase students' formal knowledge about marriage and intimate relationships, while also improving their chances for success in such relationships. Students should be better prepared to choose compatible partners, to face inevitable relationship challenges, and to experience greater marital/relationship satisfaction.

HDPS 351-0 Special Topics in HDPS (1 Unit)   Advanced work on special topics.