Yiddish (YIDDISH)

YIDDISH 266-0 Introduction to Yiddish Culture: Images of the Shtetl (1 Unit)   Analysis and discussion of the literary, visual, and filmic images of the communal life developed by Eastern European Jews and inseparably associated with them. GERMAN 266-0, JWSH_ST 266-0 and YIDDISH 266-0 taught together; students may receive credit for only one of these. Literature Fine Arts Distro Area

YIDDISH 366-0 Yiddish Culture and the Holocaust (1 Unit)   Analysis of modern Yiddish literature before the Holocaust as well as literary work that emerged from Yiddish-speaking writers who survived the Second World War. GERMAN 366-0, JWSH_ST 366-0 and YIDDISH 366-0 taught together; may receive credit for only one course. Prerequisite: None. Literature Fine Arts Distro Area

YIDDISH 399-0 Independent Study (1 Unit)   Prerequisite: Consent of instructor.