Architectural Engineering and Design Certificate

The Architectural Engineering and Design Certificate Program requires a mixture of design imagination, knowledge of materials and systems, and a variety of analytic and management tools. Architects, who traditionally have led the design effort, are best known for the aesthetic element of their products. It is the integration of architecture and engineering perspectives that leads to buildings that are pathbreaking in functionality, aesthetics, economy, and sustainability. This certificate prepares students for further pursuit of architecture-related careers.

Course Title
Certificate Requirements (8 units)
CIV_ENV 221-0Theory of Structures I
CIV_ENV 325-0Reinforced Concrete
CIV_ENV 323-0Structural Steel Design
or CIV_ENV 352-0 Foundation Engineering
CIV_ENV 385-1Architectural Engineering and Design 1: Fundamentals
CIV_ENV 385-2Architectural Engineering & Design 2: Intermediate
CIV_ENV 385-3Architectural Engineering & Design 3: Advanced Studio
GEN_ENG 220-1
GEN_ENG 220-2
Analy/Comp Graph
and Analy/Comp Graph II
ART_HIST 232-0Introduction to the History of Architecture and Design

Additional Conditions for Awarding Certificate in AED 

  • Completion of all requirements for McCormick B.S. degree.
  • Course with grades lower than a "C" or taken P/N will not be acceptable for this certificate.
  • At least 4 courses used to meet the AED Certificate requirements must not be counted towards the 16 units of major program requirements.
  • Submit a completed Declaration of Petition to Receive the Certificate in AED to McCormick Office of Undergraduate Engineering at least 3 quarters before the beginning of the final undergraduate quarter.