Computer Engineering Degree

Students must also complete the Undergraduate Registration Requirement and the degree requirements of their home school.

Course Title
Requirements (48 units)
Core Courses (32 units) 1
4 mathematics courses
4 engineering analysis and computer proficiency courses
4 units of basic science:
General Physics
and General Physics
General Physics Laboratory
and General Physics Laboratory
3 design and communication courses
5 basic engineering courses:
Introduction to Computer Engineering (grade of C– or better required for graduation)
Fundamentals of Computer Programming II
Introduction to Electrical Engineering (grade of C– or better required for graduation)
Probabilistic Systems
7 social sciences/humanities courses
5 unrestricted electives
Major Program (16 units)
5 required courses:
Fundamentals of Computer Programming
Fundamentals of Computer System Software
Fundamentals of Circuits
Advanced Digital Design
Computer Architecture I
10 technical electives:
2 courses from:
Introduction to Computer Systems
Fundamentals of Signals & Systems
Fundamentals of Solid State Engineering
Fund of Electromagnetics & Photonics
Fundamentals of Electronics
5 courses from the following five areas:
3 electives from:
Genetics and Molecular Biology
Cell Biology
Organic Chemistry
and Organic Chemistry
and Organic Chemistry
300-level technical courses in science, mathematics, computer science, or engineering 3
1 required design course from:
Microprocessor System Projects
Computer Architecture Projects
VLSI Systems Design Projects

Area Electives

Architecture and High-Performance Computing

Course Title
EECS 329-0The Art of Multicore Concurrent Programming
EECS 358-0Introduction to Parallel Computing
EECS 362-0Computer Architecture Projects
EECS 368-0Programming Massively Parallel Processors with CUDA
EECS 452-0Adv Computer Architecture
EECS 453-0Parallel Architectures
EECS 468-0Programming Massively Parallel Processors with CUDA


Course Title
EECS 353-0Digital Microelectronics
EECS 355-0ASIC and FPGA Design
EECS 357-0Design Automation in VLSI
EECS 391-0CMOS VLSI Circuit Design
EECS 392-0VLSI Systems Design Projects
EECS 459-0VLSI Algorithmics

Embedded Systems

Course Title
EECS 301-0Introduction to Robotics Laboratory
EECS 332-0Introduction to Computer Vision
EECS 346-0Microprocessor System Design
EECS 347-1Microprocessor System Projects
EECS 360-0Introduction to Feedback Systems
EECS 366-0Embedded Systems
EECS 369-0Introduction to Sensor Networks
EECS 390-0Introduction to Robotics
EECS 432-0Advanced Computer Vision
EECS 466-0Embedded Systems

Software Systems

Course Title
EECS 212-0Mathematical Foundations of Comp Science
EECS 214-0Data Structures & Algorithms
EECS 321-0Programming Languages
EECS 322-0Compiler Construction
EECS 336-0Design & Analysis of Algorithms
EECS 339-0Introduction to Database Systems
EECS 343-0Operating Systems
EECS 394-0Agile Software Development

Networks and Security

Course Title
EECS 333-0Introduction to Communication Networks
EECS 340-0Introduction to Networking
EECS 350-0Introduction to Computer Security
EECS 354-0Network Penetration & Security