Computer Science Minor (McCormick School of Engineering)

The department offers a minor in computer science for students who wish to develop stronger competence in computer science while pursuing a degree in another field. The minor will provide essential knowledge for all computer scientists as well as exposure to every critical subfield of the discipline.

Course Title
Requirements (15 units)
Prerequisites (6 units)
MATH 220-0Differential Calculus of One-Variable Functions
MATH 224-0Integral Calculus of One-Variable Functions
MATH 230-0Differential Calculus of Multivariable Functions
Engineering Analysis:
3 units of engineering analysis:
Engineering Analysis I
and Engineering Analysis II
and Engineering Analysis III
Honor Engineering Analysis
and Honors Engineering Analysis
and Honors Engineering Analysis
Minor Requirements (9 units)
Core Courses (6 units) 1
6 units of computer science:
Computer Science: Concepts, Philosophy, and Connections
Fundamentals of Computer Programming
Fundamentals of Computer Programming II
Mathematical Foundations of Comp Science
Introduction to Computer Systems
Data Structures & Algorithms
Breath Courses (3 units)
3 courses from the list of breadth courses; each course must be in a different breadth area

Students should begin the minor before the end of their first quarter of their junior year.  Students must submit a completed petition form for the minor to the Undergraduate Engineering Office before their last quarter as an undergraduate.  At least 5 courses used for the minor may not be used (double-counted) to fulfill requirements in the student's 16-unit major program.