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BUSCOM 601S Business Associations (3-credits) (3 Credit Hours) This course provides an introduction to the law that governs unincorporated business associations and corporations. The course begins with the law of agency, which provides the foundation for discussion of the most common business associations: partnerships, limited liability companies and corporations. Following agency, the course will address partnerships, with particular attention to applicable fiduciary duties and the relationship among partners. After partnership, the course examines corporations, typically focusing on doctrine as it applies to large, publicly traded corporations. In considering corporations, their shareholders and their boards of directors, the course explores limited liability and piercing the corporate veil, the business judgment rule, fiduciary duties, basic concepts in securities law, and corporate control transactions including takeovers. The class is designed to provide students with a foundation in the common law and state statutory systems that regulate business organizations, as well as the important issues of policy that surround this regulation. The course is particularly appropriate for students who intend to take related classes, such as securities regulation, corporate finance, corporate tax, and more specialized offerings. Students who enroll in Business Associations may not subsequently enroll in Corporations. **For professor specific information and book information please see class level description** Additional Course Information: Counts toward Business Enterprise Concentration, Open to First Year Students

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