English PhD

Degree Requirements

The following requirements are in addition to, or further elaborate upon, those requirements outlined in The Graduate School Policy Guide.


Total Units Required: 22

Course Title
ENGLISH 410-0Introduction to Graduate Study
Seven courses, one in each of seven specified breadth categories 1
Eleven electives 2
Three professional development workshops 3

must be at the 400-level, ENGLISH 499-0 Independent Study is not an option


Ten if student enters with either an MA or MFA; including ENGLISH 490-0 Independent Reading, ENGLISH 499-0 Independent Study


ENGLISH 505-0 Research Development Seminar, ENGLISH 520-0 Writing for Publication, ENGLISH 570-0 Seminar in Teaching Composition

Other PhD Degree Requirements

  • Examinations: first-year review; for admission to candidacy, language examination to demonstrate competence in a language other than English, oral  qualifying examination in area of specialization, and submission of approved dissertation prospectus by end of third year
  • PhD Dissertation: must be completed within nine years after original matriculation, though faster completion strongly urged
  • Final Evaluations: defense of dissertation
  • Other: instructional duties as designated by department