Curious Life Certificate

The Curious Life Certificate (CLC) begins with a foundational experience called PATH. PATH will be taken as a CLC gateway course by first- and second-year students introducing them to a holistic approach to their performance as it relates to both their academic and personal life at Northwestern.

Course Title
Certificate Requirements (4 units)
CLC Foundational Course:
PATH (Personal Development Studio Lab) (0 units)
Emotional Intelligence (1 credit unit)
Emotional Intelligence 101 - Managing Yourself, Maximizing Your Potential
Physical Sensations (1 credit unit)
Whole-Body Thinking: Collaborative Problem Solving through Partner Dancing
Special Topics in Personal Development
Basic Acting
Additional courses by petition
Your Stories (1 credit unit)
Engineering Improv I: The Art of Allowing
and Engineering Improv II: The Art of Application (each 0.5 units)
Introduction to Russian Literature
Introduction to Russian Literature
Introduction to Russian Literature
The Art of Storytelling
Additional courses by petition
Certificate Capstone Requirement (1 credit unit)
Designing Your Life

Smaller in scope than majors or minors, certificates usually are offered in areas of concentration for which no major or minor exists and are comprised of at least 4 units of coursework uniquely counted, not also applied to any other academic plan or credential. Such coursework may fulfill McCormick Social Sciences/Humanities (Theme), WCAS distribution requirements, or other unrestricted electives.  Certificates are conferred concurrent with the student's undergraduate degree. They do not appear on the diploma, but are noted on the transcript.

Students can declare the certificate and submit updates to their courses in MAS (McCormick Advising System) before the beginning of their final quarter as undergraduates.