Linguistics BA/MA

Students with a strong record in their major courses and an interest in graduate study are eligible to apply for the BA/MA program in linguistics when they are within 4 courses of completing all Weinberg College requirements for the BA degree. Students pursuing the combined BA/MA degree must complete all requirements for the BA degree along with the course requirements for the Linguistics major, and must complete 7 additional courses for the Linguistics MA. Up to 3 courses can be double-counted towards both BA and the Linguistics MA requirements, but double-counting does not reduce the total number of courses required to complete the combined degree. Linguistics majors interested in the combined BA/MA program must meet with the Linguistics Director of Undergraduate Study no later than the end of their junior year. 

More information on the combined BA/MA degree can be found on The Graduate School website Applications for the combined degree should be made no later than spring quarter of junior year. For more information on the application process, see See also Accelerated Master's Programs in this catalog.