Summer 2022

BUSCOM 629Employment Law
BUSCOM 631Entrepreneurship Law
BUSCOM 660Commercial Law: Secured Transactions
BUSCOM 670PSPracticum: Corporate Counsel
BUSCOM 804EBusiness Associations II
BUSCOM 810Contract Law
BUSCOM 829IEmployment Law
BUSCOM 904-0Contract Drafting
BUSCOM 907-0Federal Income Taxation
BUSCOM 922-0Presentation Design & Visual Storytelling
BUSCOM 925-0Employment Law
BUSCOM 982-0Public Persuasion Skills and Strategies
CONPUB 647Practicum: Judicial
CONPUB 647DPracticum: Judicial
CONPUB 740Policing Chicago’s Communities:Examining historical & current practices & analyzing for reform
CRIM 805IConstitutional Criminal Procedure
INTPROP 935-0Introduction to IP Licensing
LAWSTUDY 721Leading in the Law
LAWSTUDY 901-0Negotiation Skills & Strategies
LAWSTUDY 910-0Ethics and Law in STEM-Related Fields
LAWSTUDY 930-0Corporate Criminal Law
LITARB 604TInternational Business Law & Negotiations
LITARB 670SNegotiation Workshop
LITARB 730Clinic Practice: Complex Civil Litigation & Investor Protection
LITARB 809ITrial Advocacy
LITARB 891Civil Procedure
LITARB 895ENegotiation [Executive LLM]
LITARB 895MNegotiation
PPTYTORT 804EProperty
PPTYTORT 850IEnvironmental Law
REGLAW 923-0Managing Privacy & Cybersecurity for Corporate Actors