Neurobiology & Physiology (NEUROBIO)

NEUROBIO 401-0 Introduction to Neurobiology (2 Units)  

This course introduces students in the MS Program in Neurobiology to the basics of modern day neurosciences, and canonical experiments that provide the foundation of modern day research. This course is currently not offered.

NEUROBIO 402-0 Advanced Neurobiology and Physiology (2 Units)  

This course highlights cutting-edge research in neurobiology through interactive research lectures and critical discussion of primary literature. Topics vary annually but include subjects such as sensory neurobiology, chronobiology, synaptic physiology, and neurodegenerative diseases.

NEUROBIO 499-0 Independent Study (1-3 Units)  

Supervised individual work; does not fulfill requirements for thesis or dissertation. Quarters offered: fall, winter, spring. - SEE DEPT FOR SECTION AND PERMISSION NUMBERS.

NEUROBIO 595-0 Master's in Science in Neurobiology Laboratory Research (1-3 Units)