Health, Science and Society, Certificate


Students must complete a minimum of four courses selected from courses covering topics related to health, medicine and society. For the 2020-2021 academic year, the following courses will be offered:

Course Title
ANTHRO 315-0Medical Anthropology
BIOL_SCI 312-CNThe Evolutionary Biology of Human Anatomy, Health and Disease
GBL_HLTH 390-CNSpecial Topics in Global Health
PHIL 269-DLBioethics
PSYCH 213-CNSocial Psychology 1
PSYCH 244-CNDevelopmental Psychology 2
PSYCH 303-CNPsychopathology
PSYCH 342-CNEvolutionary Psychology

Students may count other courses in the social sciences and humanities toward the certificate, with the approval of their academic adviser. Students may substitute one 300-level biology course toward the four-class minimum for the certificate.