Summer Field Studies Program

The SESP Field Studies Program gives students the opportunity to make solid professional contributions to an organization while benefiting from experiential learning. The one-quarter program carries 4 units of credit. Students intern at their sites for 30 hours a week and attend a Friday morning Practicum Analysis Seminar.

In the workplace, students record and analyze events and processes, integrating concepts and theories from their social science courses. The field notes lead to a final paper analyzing some component of the practicum/field study experience.

During Summer Session any Northwestern undergraduate student is able to complete the program in Washington, DC (SESP 384-0 Practicum in Human Development - Washington, D.C.), or San Francisco (SESP 389-0 Practicum in Human Development - San Francisco) in addition to the Chicago area. Program sites expose students to the breadth and depth of issues and activities within a field. They experience new skills and responsibilities through the projects they carry out from start to finish. Their supervising mentors meet with them individually for at least one hour per week.