German Studies Minor

The Department of German offers minors in German, German studies, and Business German. Each minor consists of 8 courses. The minors are designed to help students develop a coherent set of courses in accordance with their own interests in German language, literature, thought, culture, politics, and business practices.

  • Prerequisite:  GERMAN 102-3 Intermediate German or equivalent proficiency
  • 2 German-language courses in language, literature, and culture, from list posted on the department website
  • 6 courses making up an individual concentration developed with the undergraduate adviser
    • Relevant courses are offered in such diverse areas as history, political science, philosophy, sociology, and economics.
    • At most 3 courses may be in a complementary language, such as Yiddish, Turkish, or Czech.
  • Minors returning from a study abroad program must enroll in at least one (1) 300-level course in the department.