Sports Administration, MA

Master's in Sports Administration students need to complete 11 courses to earn their degrees. The Sports Administration curriculum consists of eight core courses, including a capstone or thesis, and three electives. There are three specializations available: College Sports ManagementSports Analytics, and Global Sports Communication (hybrid courses only available in-person at the Northwestern Qatar campus).


Core Courses (8 units)

Course Title
MSA 401-DL/401-0Introduction to Sports Analytics
MSA 402-DL/402-0Fundamentals of Sports Marketing
MSA 403-DL/403-0Sports Organizations: Leadership Theory & Application
MSA 404-DL/404-0Sports Business: Finance, Accounting and Economics
MSA 405-DL/405-0Legal and Ethical Issues in Sports Management
MSA 406-DL/406-0Sports Public Relations and Crisis Management
MSA 451-DL/451-0The Technology of Sport
MSA 498-DL/498-0Capstone
or MSA 590-0 Thesis Research

Electives (3 units)

Course Title
MSA 407-0Sports Labor Relations and Negotiation
MSA 412-0Fundamentals of Sponsorship for Sports Marketers and Administrators
MSA 413-0Advertising Project: Sports Brand Management
MSA 421-DLThe Business of Esports
MSA 424-DLEvent Management for Sports
MSA 441-0Complexities of Management and Marketing in the Olympic Movement
MSA 445-DL/445-0Entrepreneurship in the Sports Industry
MSA 453-DL/453-0College Sports Management - Internal Affairs
MSA 454-DL/454-0College Sports Management - External Affairs
MSA 455-DL/455-0NCAA Compliance
MSA 457-DL/457-0Front Office Operations
MSA 458-DLDigital Media in Sports
MSA 460-DL/460-0Deviance and Violence in Sports
MSA 463-DL/463-0Globalization of Sport
MSA 475-DLGlobal Sports Communication (hybrid course available only at Northwestern Qatar Campus)
MSA 476-DLPrinciples and Practice of Strategic Communication and Public Relations (hybrid course available only at Northwestern Qatar Campus)
MSA 477-DLMedia Literacy in Sports (hybrid course available only at Northwestern Qatar Campus)
MSA 479-DLPractical Experience in Global Sports Communication (hybrid course available only at Northwestern Qatar Campus)
MSA 490-0Special Topics
MSA 499-0Independent Study
MSA 579-DL/579-0Practicum In Sports Admin

About Final Project

The capstone project course is the culmination of the MSA program and demonstrates a student's mastery of the curriculum and a firm understanding of the fundamental principles that guide the diverse field of sports administration. Students may choose this course to fulfill their capstone requirement. Students may also choose to complete a thesis. The final thesis project should be viewed as an opportunity to engage in a sustained independent study on a sports administration topic that draws on and integrates a number of different perspectives that students have been introduced to in various MSA courses. The project must consist of original intellectual analysis (but need not consist of primary research from the student) that addresses a contemporary sports administration problem defined and developed in concert with an extensive literature search. The thesis project can begin from a question arising in a student’s work setting that could be appropriately addressed by material learned in the program.

Pre-requisite: Students may take one other course simultaneously with MSA 498-DL Capstone . All other course requirements must have been completed before the commencement of this course.

Course Title
Choose one
Thesis Research