Spanish Major

The major in Spanish is designed to immerse students in the complexity and diversity of literary and intellectual traditions in Latin American and Iberian cultures while they achieve language fluency. Students are encouraged to focus on particular interests, such as literary and cultural history, Latina and Latino studies, Lusophone studies, race and ethnicity, film, and cultural history. Many students fulfill some of the major requirements through courses taken in study abroad programs.

Students must also complete the Undergraduate Registration Requirement and the degree requirements of their home school.

Course Title
SPANISH 201-0Conversation on Human Rights: Latin America
or AP credit
Major in Spanish Requirements (15 units)
3 courses:
Individual and Society through Written Expression
Spanish for Heritage Speakers
Reading and Writing the Art of Protest
Introduction to Literary Analysis
3 literature courses at the 200-level chosen from:
Literature in Spain before 1700
Literature in Spain since 1700
Literature in Latin America before 1888
Literature in Latin America since 1888
7 300-level courses in the department chosen from: 1,2
Topics in Language
Advanced Grammar
Origins of Spanish Civilization
Golden Age Poetry and Prose
Golden Age Drama
Cervantes' Don Quixote
Realism in Spain: The Problem of Representation
The Spanish Civil War: The Good Fight
Modern Fiction in Spain: Studies in Genre
Colonial Latin American Literature
Latin American Modernismo
Race and Representation in Latin America
Latin American Avant-Gardes
Reading the 'Boom'
Testimonial Narrative in Latin America
Literature and Revolution in Latin America
Readings in Latin American Short Fiction
Visual Culture in Latina/o America and Spain
Spain: Studies in Culture and Society
Latin America: Studies in Culture and Society
Citizenship and Urban Violence in Latin America
Topics in US Latina/o Literary and Cultural Studies
Cultural Borders/Border Cultures
Topics in Film: The Silver Screen in Latin America and/or Spain
Topics in Latin American, Latina and Latino, and/or Iberian Cultures
2 elective courses at the 200 or 300 level
Electives at the 200 or 300 level related to the Latin American, Iberian, or US Latino/a historical, literary, and/or cultural traditions taken in the department. Courses may be taken in another department or in study abroad programs with prior approval of an undergraduate adviser.

Approved 200-Level Courses 

Course Title
Current List of approved 200-level courses that may be used in substitution for a required literature course as described above. NOTE: No more than one of these courses can be used in this category:
SPANISH 210-0Icons, Legends, & Myths in Latin American, Latino and/or Iberian Cultures
SPANISH 223-0Cervantes
SPANISH 225-0Nationalism, Borders, and Immigration in Spain
SPANISH 231-0The "New" Latin American Narrative
SPANISH 277-0Introduction to Latina/o Literature
SPANISH 280-0Introduction to Spanish Linguistics
SPANISH 281-0Spanish Phonetics and Phonology

Honors in Spanish

Majors with strong academic records and an interest in pursuing honors should apply for the honors program during the quarter before independent study for honors is to begin. Students approved by the department enroll in 2 quarters of SPANISH 399-0 during either fall-winter or winter-spring of senior year and complete a senior thesis; the 2 quarters of SPANISH 399-0 count toward the 15 units required for the major.

Students whose theses and grades meet department criteria are recommended to the college for graduation with honors. For more information see the department website, contact a faculty adviser, and see Honors in the Major