Entrepreneurship Minor

The Farley Center undergraduate minor in entrepreneurship is designed for students who are interested in pursuing a practical education in how to start a business or how to make innovation a cornerstone of their career paths.

The minor requires 8 courses, including 5 core courses, and 3 electives. No more than 3 courses may be double counted within a student's major program. Courses with a grade lower than “C-” cannot be applied to the minor.

Please note, many of our graduate level courses are open to undergrads. Refer to the Farley Center website for a complete listing of all courses. 

Core courses:


  • Any Farley Center course
  • Independent Study with Farley Center faculty member (ENTREP 399-0 Independent Study with Farley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation) - Max. one unit
  • Other coursework related to entrepreneurship from other programs, including BIP, Segal, Medill/IMC (must be a 300-level course and students must get prior approval from the Farley Center)