Executive LLM in Seoul

Northwestern Law has joined in collaboration with the KAIST Moon Soul Graduate School of Future Strategy to offer a dual-degree program.  This program offers students the opportunity to obtain an academic foundation in the Anglo-American Legal System.  In addition, students will have the prospects of real-world experience, which can be put into practice immediately through their studies in the Master of Intellectual Property (MIP) program. 

Program Structure

Students will participate in 20 credit hours of law instruction over a two-year period.  Course topics include constitutional law, contract law, commercial law, international taxation, and ethics.  During their time in the program, students will also travel to Chicago for a short intensive session and participate in various activities to help familiarize them with the U.S. legal community.  Along with KAIST, we will offer an Executive LLM and MIP dual degree program.  The KAIST MIP is a two-year master's degree program of advanced study in the law and business of intellectual property management.

Program of Study

  • The program is held over a period of two years. During that time, students will participate in courses such as Introduction to Constitutional Law, Contract Law, Commercial Law, Business Associations, International Taxation, Uniform Commercial Code and Administrative Law.  Courses are held in Seoul during the evenings and weekends and there will also be a two week course held in Chicago.
  • Students must complete 20 law credit hours to earn an LLM degree.  They will also be working on a Master of Intellectual Property from KAIST Moon Soul Graduate School of Future Strategy.

Degree Requirements

Course Title
Required Courses (5.5 credits)
BUSCOM 810Contract Law
CONPUB 801EConstitutional Law
Additional Courses - Students take at least 14.5 (and up to 22.5) additional credits.
Not all courses are offered every year. The law school reserves the right to make changes and substitutions without notice.
Business Associations I
Business Associations II
Contracts II: UCC Article 2 (Sales Law)
Criminal Procedure
Legal Ethics: The Law of Professional Responsibility
Civil Procedure
Minimum Credits Required: 20

Bar Exam Information

The Northwestern Law Executive LLM Program in Korea is not intended to qualify Korean lawyers to take any state bar examination or to practice law in the United States. Individuals interested in taking a state bar exam should direct inquiries directly to their state of interest.