Art History (ART_HIST)

ART_HIST 220-CN Introduction to African Art (1 Unit)  

Thematic and historical survey of the major periods of art making in Africa; analysis of a few exemplary works.

ART_HIST 224-CN Introduction to Ancient Art (1 Unit)  

Introduction to the art and architecture of the ancient Near Eastern, Egyptian, Aegean, Greek, and Roman worlds.

ART_HIST 230-CN Introduction to American Art (1 Unit)  

Survey of art and architecture in cultural context, from the art of conquest to contemporary production.

ART_HIST 240-CN Introduction to Asian Art (1 Unit)  

Introduction to the art and architecture of Asia from ancient cultures to contemporary developments, including religious, court, and popular genres.

ART_HIST 250-CN Introduction to European Art (1 Unit)  

Leading centers and artists of Europe from the later Middle Ages to the 19th century. Architecture, sculpture, painting, and graphic arts in relation to their social and cultural settings.

ART_HIST 260-CN Introduction to Contemporary Art (1 Unit)  

Conceptual and thematic introduction to art since the 1960s, with attention to the impact of new technologies, social and political change, globalization, and the ongoing transformation of artistic production and distribution.

ART_HIST 319-CN Special Topics in Ancient Art (1 Unit)  

Content varies-for example, picturing the gods; monument and commemoration in antiquity; narrative in ancient art; and the Roman provinces.

ART_HIST 329-CN Special Topics in Medieval Art (1 Unit)  

Content varies; for example, the early Christian church; history of illuminated manuscripts; pilgrimage and saints' cults; the cathedral; Spain; art and crusade.

ART_HIST 339-CN Special Topics in Renaissance Art: (1 Unit)  

Content varies; for example, the art of Bosch and Brueghel; the history of collecting; art at court; portraiture; gender and representation.

ART_HIST 349-CN Special Topics in Baroque Art (1 Unit)  

Content varies; for example, French art of the 16th and 17th centuries; art and the New World; early modern prints and drawings; art and science.

ART_HIST 359-CN Special Topics in 19th-Century Art (1 Unit)  

Content varies; for example, the art of Edouard Manet; orientalism; the spaces of 19thcentury art; painting in the south of France.

ART_HIST 361-A 20th Century Art (1 Unit)  

NPEP curriculum course.

ART_HIST 367-CN Special Topics in American Art (1 Unit)  

Content varies; for example, nationalism and internationalism in American art; the myth of America; the artist in American society; elite and popular visual traditions.

ART_HIST 368-CN Special Topics in Modern Art and Performance (1 Unit)  

Content varies; for example, art of the Russian Revolution; the avant-garde; totalitarian art; art during war; modernism and its discontents; art and decolonization; medium specificity.

ART_HIST 369-CN Special Topics in 20th-Century Art (1 Unit)  

Content varies and may coincide with local exhibitions; for example, art and activism; utopia and dystopia in recent practice; participatory art; video art; art criticism; globalization; visual cultural studies; photography in/as art; installation art; truth and fiction in recent practice.

ART_HIST 371-CN Special Topics in Modern Art: 1880-1950 (1 Unit)  

NPEP curriculum course.

ART_HIST 379-CN Special Topics in Modern Architecture (1 Unit)  

Content varies; for example, Chicago architecture, including the work of Sullivan and Wright; Beaux Arts architecture in Europe and America; modernism in architecture; American architecture from Thomas Jefferson to Frank Lloyd Wright.

ART_HIST 389-CN Special Topics in Asian Art: (1 Unit)  

Content varies; for example, aspects of painting in the Indian subcontinent: Mughal and Rajput; issues of gender and sexuality in Japan and China from the 18th through 20th century; art in/about the Middle East.