The Leadership certificate provides a fluid concept of leadership, recognizing that leaders need to emerge in many different tiers of an organization. In this certificate, students will learn theories and best practices of leadership, from understanding organizational behavior to learning how to enact change, to achieve shared goals.

Certificate Offered

Leadership Courses

ORG_BEH 301-DL Organization Behavior (1 Unit)  

Examination of aspects of organizations from an integrated perspective, including how the formal organization, culture, people and work can all connect to transform inputs to outputs. Emphasis on understanding individual differences as the foundation of our interpersonal and managerial effectiveness.

ORG_BEH 307-DL Leadership Principles (1 Unit)  

This course introduces the theory and practice of leadership: the capacity to mobilize group resources to affect fundamental change in organizations. Topics include understanding organizations as complex social systems; the difference between leadership and managerial authority; navigating the politics of competing factions within organizations to achieve shared goals; emotional intelligence and the role of building and maintaining relationships of trust to drive optimal performance and continuous improvement; and the role of leadership in creating an environment in which risk-taking and innovative solutions are encouraged, learned from, and rewarded. The classroom, as well as students' experiences, will serve as foundational learning and ultimately become case studies in leadership.

ORG_BEH 310-CN Organizational Change (1 Unit)  

In-depth investigation of the forces driving organizational change and their impact on people and structure.

ORG_BEH 391-DL Topics in Management: (1 Unit)  

Topics vary. May be repeated for credit with different topic.