Advanced Studies in Biology for Health Professions, Certificate


Select at least four coursesfrom the following:

Course Title
BIOL_SCI 302-CNFundamentals of Neurobiology
BIOL_SCI 308-CNBiochemistry
BIOL_SCI 312-CNThe Evolutionary Biology of Human Anatomy, Health and Disease
BIOL_SCI 313-DLHuman Anatomy
BIOL_SCI 315-CNAdvanced Cell Biology
BIOL_SCI 316-CNHuman Structure and Function
BIOL_SCI 317-CNRegional Human Anatomy Lab (.34 units) 2
BIOL_SCI 318-CNAdvanced Human Physiology
BIOL_SCI 327-CNBiology of Aging
BIOL_SCI 328-CNMicrobiology
BIOL_SCI 342-CNEvolutionary Processes
BIOL_SCI 355-CNImmunobiology

Courses in biological anthropology may be applied to the certificate, with the approval of the Assistant Dean of Undergraduate and Professional Studies.

In addition to the program requirements, students have the option to enroll in any of the courses offered at SPS (e.g., calculus, psychology, bioethics). However, elective courses will not count toward the minimum of four courses for the certificate.