Farley Center for Entrepreneurship


The Farley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation evolves engineering beyond the application of the sciences to the creation of businesses that capitalize on innovations. We bring together faculty from an array of disciplines to develop a unique interdisciplinary curriculum in which students experience the entire entrepreneurial life cycle—from ideation to prototyping and business plan development.

Program of Study

ENTREP 225-0 Principles of Entrepreneurship (1 Unit)   Introduction to the essential elements of building one's own business, including strategy, finance, accounting, marketing, operations, and choosing the ideal management team. History of entrepreneurship and the entrepreneur psyche. Lectures, guest speakers, and case studies. Teams present a business idea at the conclusion. Taught with IEMS 225-0; may not receive credit for both courses. May not be taken after IEMS 325-0 or ENTREP 325-0.

ENTREP 310-0 Personal Branding and How to Grow Your Fanbase (1 Unit)  

Growing and Monetizing your Fanbase is designed to expose artists to entrepreneurial thinking in building their careers. Are you a singer, actor, musician, comedian, writer, graphic artist, fashionista, or dancer that wants to promote your career? Students will be exposed to highly relevant methodologies that startup entrepreneurs use to create and grow their companies, but in this case, the corporation being grown and promoted is their talent and fans, via their own personal brand.

ENTREP 311-0 Storytelling for Business (1 Unit)  

Humans have been communicating through stories for 20,000 years. They have the power to persuade, engage, and inspire action. But too often, in business, we don't think about harnessing the power of stories. Storytelling for Business will teach students how to use narrative techniques and structures to create compelling stories to help them nail an interview, motivate a team, secure funding, build a brand, and inspire customers.

ENTREP 325-0 Engineering Entrepreneurship (1 Unit)  

Overview of the entrepreneurial process from an engineering perspective. Idea generation, planning, financing, marketing, protecting, staffing, leading, growing, and harvesting. Business models for startups. Lectures, guest speakers, and case studies. Taught with IEMS 325-0; may not receive credit for both courses.

Prerequisite: ENTREP 330-1.

ENTREP 330-1 Startup Accounting and Finance (1 Unit)  

The startup ecosystem is synonymous with computer science, engineering and other tech focused educational backgrounds. However, at the heart of every successful startup is a certain level of financial literacy needed by founders to guide and navigate the startup from simply an idea to (hopefully) a lucrative exit. Without a firm grasp on accounting, many founders fail to see their startup reach its full potential, or fail outright. The goal of this course is to lay the foundation for what a founder needs to know to successfully launch and scale a startup, taught from the accountant's' perspective. You'll learn not only what exactly accounting is, but how it applies to startups specifically. In addition, we will teach the basics that will enable you to manage your accounting operations during the infancy of a startup's lifecycle. Further, we will provide founders with a level of understanding that equips them to make actionable, strategic decisions from accurate and insightful accounting.

ENTREP 331-0 Entrepreneurial Sales and Marketing (1 Unit)  

Principles and practices for scaling entrepreneurial ventures. Application of coherent methodology to a student-run venture. Self-organizing teams develop a customer/client focus, provide for continuous improvement in successive iterations, and operate with transparency.

Prerequisite: ENTREP 225-0 or ENTREP 325-0 recommended.

ENTREP 332-0 Financing Entrepreneurial Ventures (1 Unit)   Topics selected from work of current interest in entrepreneurship and innovation. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisites: ENTREP 225-0 and ENTREP 325-0 recommended.

ENTREP 340-0 Innovate for Impact (1 Unit)  

This is an experiential, team-based course in which students create social-impact focused entrepreneurial ventures using both lean startup methodology and human-centered design.

ENTREP 350-1 Radical Entrepreneurship (1 Unit)  

Your idea has legs, and even traction. Radical Entrepreneurship drills down on how to build your venture, while at the same time retaining a collaborative culture and continuous innovation. Using iterative and lean startup methodology, students will explore the necessary mindsets and methods to best position their ventures for continued growth and success. Radical Entrepreneurship is an incubator bootcamp for your real-world project; the coursework centers on students' existing ventures. **Please note, this is a partnership between the Farley Center and the Garage. A portion of the seats in the class will be held for Wildfire teams. The remaining seats will be open for any student with the proper prerequisites to enroll. Students who enroll and are not part of a team will be assigned to work with a Wildfire team. Your participation in class on a Wildfire team does not guarantee that you will become a founding member of that team, and does not guarantee any rights with respect to equity, intellectual property, or any other rights related to that company.

ENTREP 360-0 Leadership, Ethics, and You (1 Unit)   What exactly is leadership? Are leaders born? Are you a leader? Where do ethics, and integrity, fit into leadership, and even more importantly into your life? Leading others is hard. Leading oneself is even harder. This course is designed to dig into these questions to help you develop your "True North," a compass that will help you lead yourself (and others), with your values, on your terms, to your destination. Limited to juniors and seniors.

ENTREP 361-0 Entrepreneurship Demystified (1 Unit)   This is a discussion and project-based course in which students explore topics in ethics and leadership with the context of working for a startup or building one's own company.

ENTREP 395-0 Special Topics (1 Unit)   Topics selected from work of current interest in entrepreneurship and innovation. May be repeated for credit.

ENTREP 399-0 Independent Study with Farley Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation (1-3 Units)   Special projects under faculty direction. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisite: consent of instructor and department.