Biological Sciences Major

Students must also complete the Undergraduate Registration Requirement and the degree requirements of their home school.

Course Title
Program Courses (10 units)
8 core courses (6.02 units):
BIOL_SCI 215-0Genetics and Molecular Biology
BIOL_SCI 217-0Physiology
BIOL_SCI 219-0Cell Biology
BIOL_SCI 220-0Genetics and Molecular Processes Laboratory (0.34 units)
BIOL_SCI 221-0Cellular Processes Laboratory (0.34 units)
BIOL_SCI 222-0Investigative Laboratory (0.34 units)
BIOL_SCI 301-0Principles of Biochemistry
BIOL_SCI 341-0Population Genetics
or BIOL_SCI 342-0 Evolutionary Processes
1 300-level BIOL SCI elective 1
3 courses from one of the concentration areas:
Related Courses 2
CHEM 132-0General Chemistry 2
or CHEM 152-0 Accelerated General Chemistry 2
or CHEM 172-0 Advanced General Physical Chemistry
CHEM 210-1
CHEM 210-2
Organic Chemistry
and Organic Chemistry
or CHEM 212-1
CHEM 212-2
Organic Chemistry
and Organic Chemistry
MATH 214-0Single Variable Calculus III
or MATH 224-0 Integral Calculus of One-Variable Functions
1 statistics course - STAT 202-0 recommended
College Physics
and College Physics
or PHYSICS 135-1
General Physics
and General Physics
or PHYSICS 140-1
Fundamentals of Physics
and Fundamentals of Physics

Concentration Courses

Biochemistry and Biophysics

Course Title
BIOL_SCI 323-0Bioinformatics: Sequence and Structure Analysis
BIOL_SCI 361-0Protein Structure and Function
BIOL_SCI 363-0Biophysics

Cell Biology and Physiology

Course Title
BIOL_SCI 315-0Advanced Cell Biology
BIOL_SCI 325-0Animal Physiology
1 course chosen from:
BIOL_SCI 327-0Biology of Aging
or BIOL_SCI 328-0 Microbiology
or BIOL_SCI 344-0 Anatomy of Vertebrates
or BIOL_SCI 355-0 Immunobiology
or BIOL_SCI 356-0 Endocrinology
or BIOL_SCI 358-0 Advanced Physiology Laboratory

Genetics and Genomics

Course Title
BIOL_SCI 390-0Advanced Molecular Biology
2 courses chosen from: 1
Functional Genomics
Developmental Genetics Laboratory
Genetic Analysis
Molecular Genetics

Molecular and Developmental Neurobiology

Course Title
BIOL_SCI 302-0Fundamentals of Neurobiology
BIOL_SCI 303-0Molecular Neurobiology
1 course chosen from:
BIOL_SCI 305-0Neurobiology Laboratory
or BIOL_SCI 307-0 Brian Structure, Function, and Evolution
or BIOL_SCI 326-0 Neurobiology of Learning and Memory

Plant Biology

Course Title
BIOL_SCI 330-0Plant Biology
BIOL_SCI 349-0Plant Community Ecology
1 course chosen from:
BIOL_SCI 336-0Spring Flora
or BIOL_SCI 339-0 Critical Topics in Ecology and Conservation
or BIOL_SCI 346-0 Field Ecology
or BIOL_SCI 350-0 Plant Evolution and Diversity Lab

Honors in Biological Sciences

Majors with strong academic records and an interest in pursuing honors must register for BIOL_SCI 397-0 Senior Thesis Colloquium in Winter Quarter of Senior Year. 

Seniors may be recommended to the college for graduation with honors if they have completed at least 2 quarters of BIOL_SCI 397-0 Senior Thesis ColloquiumBIOL_SCI 398-0 Tutorial in Biology or BIOL_SCI 399-0 Independent Research, have written an approved honors thesis based on their independent study, and have sufficiently high grades.

For more information consult the biological sciences website and see the Honors in the Major.