Information Systems, MS Database and Internet Technologies Specialization

This specialization addresses the growing demand for professionals with technical skills to analyze, design, implement, and manage software applications and digital media for the enterprise and IoT (Internet-of-Things). The program emphasizes experimentation and application of theoretical concepts to real-world scenarios with the goal of creating business value. Students should walk away with the ability to integrate data science concepts and machine learning algorithms to solve business problems. Throughout the course of study, students will acquire knowledge and skills in data modeling and database design, implementation, and programming skills, using both Relational Database Management Systems and NoSQL technologies. Students will also study design and development of distributed software systems that adhere to sound design principles and best practices, including scalable data services architecture and robust security.


Core Courses (5 units)

Course Title
CIS 413-DL
CIS 414-DLObject Oriented Programming
MSDS 430-DLPython for Data Analysis
CIS 417-DLDatabase Systems Design & Implementation
CIS 498-DLComputer Information Systems Capstone Project
or CIS 590-DL Capstone Research

Specialization Courses (6 units)

Course Title
CIS 419-DLWeb Application Development
CIS 431-DLDatabase Administration
CIS 435-DLPractical Data Science Using Machine Learning
Any three electives
Data and Digital Platforms
Cybersecurity Attacks and Counter Measures
Enterprise Security Strategy
Disaster Recovery and Continuity
Management of Information Security
Innovation with Blockchain Technology
Information Technology Management
Information Technology Strategy
Enterprise Agility Frameworks
Business Writing and Communication
Information Technology Finance
Project Management

About the Final Project

Students may pursue their capstone experience independently or as part of a team. As their final course, students take either the individual research project in an independent study format or the classroom final project class in which students integrate the knowledge they have gained in the core curriculum in a project presented by the instructor. In both cases, students are guided by faculty in exploring the body of knowledge on information systems while contributing research of practical value to the field. The capstone independent project and capstone class project count as one unit of credit.

Course Title
Choose one
Computer Information Systems Capstone Project
Capstone Research