Environmental Policy and Culture Minor

Minors in environmental policy and culture may choose to concentrate in the humanities or social sciences or to take courses in both areas. A list of courses counting toward the minor is available from the program office and the website.

Course Title
Minor Requirements (7 units)
2 humanities or social science courses chosen from the following core courses:
ENVR_POL 211-0Food and Society: An Introduction
ENVR_POL 212-0Environment and Society
ENVR_POL 261-0American Religion, Ecology and Culture
ENVR_POL 309-0American Environmental History
ENVR_POL 340-0Global Environments and World History
ENVR_POL 390-0Special Topics in Environmental Policy and Culture (relevant sections; see website for details)
GEOG 211-0World Biogeography
HISTORY 300-0New Lectures in History (relevant sections; see EPC website for details)
ISEN 230-0Climate Change and Sustainability: Ethical Dimensions
POLI_SCI 329-0U.S. Environmental Politics
At least 1 natural sciences course chosen from the following (no more than 2 natural sciences courses will be automatically approved for the minor):
BIOL_SCI 346-0Field Ecology
BIOL_SCI 347-0Conservation Biology
EARTH 105-0Climate Catastrophes in Earth History
EARTH 106-0The Ocean, the Atmosphere & Our Climate
ENVR_SCI 201-0Earth: A Habitable Planet
ENVR_SCI 202-0The Health of the Biosphere
ENVR_SCI 203-0Humans and the Environment
4 elective courses, including at least 1 from each of these categories: culture, policy, and natural sciences (see website for lists of eligible courses)
  • At least 4 of the 7 courses must be at the 300 level.
  • Only 1 quarter of  ENVR_POL 399-0 Independent Study may count toward the requirements.
  • Exceptions must be approved by the program director.