Jewish Studies Minor

Minor Requirements (7 units)

  • 3 courses in Jewish history that provide a basis for advanced work
    • 1 course on ancient or biblical Judaism, such as ­RELIGION 220-0 Introduction to Hebrew Bible
    • 1 approved course on the history or culture of the Jewish people in the Middle Ages, such as HISTORY 203-1 Jewish History 750-1492
    • 1 approved course on some aspect of modern Jewish history, such as HISTORY 203-2 Jewish History1492-1789 or HISTORY 348-2 Jews in Poland, Ukraine, and Russia
  • 2 courses on Jewish religion offered in the Department of Religious Studies or approved by the director of undergraduate studies; eligible courses include:
    Course Title
    RELIGION 230-0Introduction to Judaism
    RELIGION 332-0Modern Jewish Thought
    RELIGION 333-0Judaism in the Modern World
    RELIGION 339-0Topics in Judaism
  • 2 additional approved courses chosen from the fields of Jewish literature; Jewish philosophy or theology; or the sociology/anthropology of Jewish communities.
  • At least 5 of the courses may not be double-counted toward a major.
  • Students who also satisfactorily complete two years of language study in Hebrew complete the minor requirements with 5 courses:
    • 3 in Jewish history
    • 1 in religion
    • 1 in Jewish literature or philosophy