Study Outside Northwestern

Study Abroad

Northwestern encourages qualified students to study abroad. With early planning, most students, regardless of school or major, should be able to study abroad during the academic year and still graduate within four years. Students may also study abroad during the summer on one of Northwestern’s summer programs or on an approved unaffiliated program.

Undergraduate Learning Abroad (ULA) and the Global Engagement Studies Institute (GESI) provide information and advising to all students interested in study abroad. Students must submit a study abroad application, including signatures from school advisers and, in many cases, department advisers; approval is required before the study abroad experience. All students approved by Northwestern to study abroad remain registered at Northwestern while abroad.

Most Northwestern students studying abroad do so on one of more than 150 programs administered by or affiliated with the University. Students participating in University exchange programs and some programs administered by the University continue to pay North­western tuition. For all other programs, students pay the program fee plus a Northwestern administrative fee. Students participating in Northwestern-sponsored and affiliated programs may apply for financial aid, including Northwestern grant assistance, to help offset the cost of their programs. Additional sources of funding include ULA and external scholarships.

Students who wish to participate in unaffiliated pro­grams must petition for permission to apply. No financial aid is available from the University for students on unaffiliated programs, and Northwestern cannot process their outside aid.

Since study abroad often requires special language or other preparation, interested students consult with advisers in ULA, as well as in academic departments, Undergraduate Financial Aid, and the Office of Fellowships. Other resources include information sessions, an annual study abroad fair, ULA Student Ambassadors, and detailed information on study abroad programs and policies on the ULA website.

Field Studies and Internships

Many off-campus field studies, internships, and research opportunities sponsored by schools and departments, including McCormick’s co-op program, are available to Northwestern students. The programs vary greatly. Some carry academic credit and/or a stipend. Some are done in conjunction with coursework, while others require full-time commitment and may involve living away from campus. Field study and internship opportunities are available during both the regular academic year and Summer Session. See the individual schools and departments in this catalog for details. Additional information on internship opportunities is available from Northwestern Career Advancement.