Interdisciplinary Studies in Information Design and Strategy, Advanced Graduate Certificate

This interdisciplinary certificte prepares students to step into a cross-functional or leadership role by developing a deep and holistic understanding of today’s sophisticated digital media. The program is particularly useful for people in creative fields who want a stronger grounding in business strategy, so that they can expand their career opportunities and make a larger impact on their organizations. The strong theoretical framework of the program and its focus on fundamental concepts makes the degree applicable to many diverse fields and types of organizations — business, the arts, government, healthcare, and education, to name a few — regardless of changes in technology.

Applicants must possess a graduate degree in order to be considered for this program.


To earn this certificate, students must complete four courses from the following:

Course Title
MS_IDS 401-DLModels and Theories of User-Centered Design
MS_IDS 403-DLEffective Communication
MS_IDS 405-DLUser Research
MS_IDS 407-DLInformation and Content Strategy
MS_IDS 409-DLData Science, Management, and Business Strategy
MS_IDS 411-DLInformation Design and Architecture
MS_IDS 413-DLVisual Communication
MS_IDS 422-DLIntroduction to Learning Theory
MS_IDS 423-DLInstructional Design
MS_IDS 425-DLLearning Environment Design
MS_IDS 426-DLEducational Technology
MS_IDS 432-DLStorytelling and Technical Writing
MS_IDS 433-DLSocial Media and Content Curation
MS_IDS 435-DLPersuasion and Strategic Communication
MS_IDS 452-DLIntro to Data Collection and Analytics
MS_IDS 453-DLIntroduction to Techniques of Predictive Analytics
MS_IDS 455-DLVisualization of Data and Text
MS_IDS 462-DLExperience Design
MS_IDS 464-DLInterface Design
MS_IDS 466-DLDesign Systems and Operations
MS_IDS 481-DLLeadership and Business Strategy

Any course that has a prerequisite may be taken provided the student has met prerequisites through course completion or course waiver.

Please note that courses completed in the certificate program cannot be transferred to the corresponding graduate degree.