African American Studies (AF_AM_ST)

AF_AM_ST 210-CN Survey of African American Literature (1 Unit)  

Literature of blacks in the United States from slavery to freedom. Works of major writers and significant but unsung bards of the past.

AF_AM_ST 225-CN African American Culture (1 Unit)  

Survey of African American culture from slavery to the present. Relation of African American culture to African and Euro-American cultures, the Black Atlantic as a unit of analysis, representations of blackness in the public imagination. Carries humanities credit.

AF_AM_ST 236-CN Introduction to African American Studies (1 Unit)  

NPEP course.

AF_AM_ST 250-CN Race, Class, and Gender (1 Unit)  

Introduction to scholarship and key theories that treat race, class, and gender as intersecting social constructs. Race, class, and gender in work, family and reproduction, education, poverty, sexuality, and consumer culture. How race, class, and gender inform identity, ideology, and politics to incite social change.

AF_AM_ST 331-CN The African American Novel (1 Unit)  

Readings in classic black American fiction. The author as creator and participant. Works of Wright, Ellison, Baldwin, and others.

Prerequisite: sophomore standing.

AF_AM_ST 360-CN Major Authors: (1 Unit)  

In-depth examination of a selected author's body of work. Choice of author varies. May be repeated for credit with change of author.

AF_AM_ST 378-CN The Harlem Renaissance (1 Unit)  

African American political and social movements and cultural production in theater, music, visual arts, and literature from 1915 to 1930.

AF_AM_ST 380-CN Topics in African American Studies (1 Unit)  

Topics vary. May be repeated for credit with different topic.