Degree-seeking students who miss one or more quarters of registration (excluding summer), who fail to request return after an approved period of leave of absence, or who request to withdraw from their program will be discontinued from The Graduate School. Those who are discontinued are not enrolled and are not considered active students. Students who fall into this category and who wish to return to the University must submit an online application no less than two weeks before the start of the winter, spring and summer quarters and no less than four weeks before the start of the fall quarter and be sure to accurately respond to the first page of questions on the application. The decision to readmit a former student is at the discretion of the program and The Graduate School.

Those who have previously been enrolled in The Graduate School at Northwestern University as degree-seeking students but have had a break in their enrollment resulting from withdrawal or failure to continuously register will be subject to a readmission fee of $250 plus $100 for each fall, winter, and spring missed quarter of enrollment up to a cap of $1000.

Students who have not been enrolled at Northwestern for 10 or more years, should contact their program and copy TGS Admissions for guidance on completing the application form for readmission.

Students who were admitted to TGS prior to 2000 must go through the new student application process.

Students who are awarded a degree from The Graduate School and apply for readmission to pursue another degree in The Graduate School are not assessed a readmission fee.

Students in the bachelor’s/master’s combined degree program who do not continue in the master’s program in the quarter following conferral of the bachelor’s may apply for readmission within five years of admittance to the combined degree program and will be assessed a $75 readmission fee.

Students in an approved dual degree program who were actively enrolled in the non-TGS portion of the dual degree and who otherwise would have qualified for TGS 514-0 Continuous Registration Exception in the missed quarters of enrollment will be subject to only the $250 readmission fee.

Non-degree students seeking readmission to a non-degree program are not subject to the readmission policy or fee. Non-degree students should contact TGS Student Services for assistance.