TGS General Registrations (TGS)

TGS 370-0 Summer Research Opportunity Program (1 Unit)  

The Graduate School's Summer Research Opportunity Program (SROP) is a campus-based academic and research experience for outstanding undergraduate students in their sophomore through senior year, who are underrepresented in their field of study. The program is designed to prepare the students for graduate study and careers in academia. Each student participates in a research project that is guided by a faculty mentor, contributing as a member of a research team. The students attend weekly workshops, and professional developments that address issues related to research and graduate education.

TGS 500-0 Funded Doctoral Study (0 Unit)  

Available to doctoral students who are primarily doing research and are receiving funding. Provides full-time status.

TGS 509-0 Foundations of American English and Academic Culture (0 Unit)  

This non-credit course provides online English language instruction and information on adjusting to life at Northwestern for newly matriculated international graduate students enrolled in the ELP Foundations program.

TGS 512-0 Continuous Registration (0 Unit)  

Available to students who completed the program coursework and are continuing in their degree program (writing a thesis or dissertation and/or performing research required for the degree), but not receiving University or external funding. TGS 512-0 is a full time registration intended for students who are continuing to work in a full-time capacity toward degree completion.

TGS 514-0 Continuous Registration Exception (0 Unit)  

Available to students who are enrolled in a dual or joint degree program and are enrolled in the non-TGS portion of the dual/joint program. Requires permission of The Graduate School.

TGS 515-0 Management for Scientists and Engineers (0 Unit)  

Successful researchers in engineering and the life and physical sciences face daily challenges managing and leading teams, communicating with business-oriented colleagues, and surmounting the hurdles associated with the commercialization of research. But doctoral students in these fields are seldom exposed to these situations before entering academia or industry. To address this gap, The Graduate School partners with Kellogg School of Management to offer a course taught by Kellogg faculty that will equip promising post-candidacy doctoral students with the necessary business and leadership skills.

TGS 516-0 RCTP: Research Communication (0 Unit)  

Research communication and coaching researchers to improve their own presentation skills by building confidence in all communication roles, enhancing the clarity of the message, and forming a connection with any audience.

TGS 517-0 Science Writing/Communication (0 Unit)  

Skills & Careers in Science Writing is a graduate-level, 9-week writing and communications course designed for STEM graduate students (PhD track) at Northwestern. The course focuses on techniques and best practices for science writing/communication. Students will learn editorial skills, gain exposure to a breadth of career possibilities, and hone their writing skills through authentic writing and editorial assignments. The course will help STEM PhD trainees write clearly and speak confidently about their own research, providing a solid skills foundation for future pursuits in science writing and communication.

TGS 518-0 Commercialization in Context (0 Unit)  

This course addresses why, when and how life scientists may secure and leverage the intangible knowledge produced by their research. Case studies involving challenges in big pharma (Lyrica, Naurex etc.) medical devices, health care software, agricultural plant breeding and other life science topics will be explored. The course begins with a survey of various intellectual property forms for inventions, original expressions, source identifiers/brands and confidential information etc. and how same can be used to build a unique selling proposition. Cost effective approaches for registering these intangibles as Intellectual Property (IP) are discussed. Methods for leveraging IP ownership to navigate the obstacles to commercialization will be reviewed.

TGS 588-0 Resident Masters Study (0 Unit)  

Available to master's degree students who are primarily doing research related to a master's thesis or project. Provides full-time status, but allows no accumulation of credit or residency toward the master's degree. This registration requires The Graduate School's permission.