Environmental Engineering Degree

Students must also complete the Undergraduate Registration Requirement and the degree requirements of their home school.

Requirements (48 units)

Core Courses (32 units)1

Course Title
4 mathematics courses
4 engineering analysis and computer proficiency courses
4 units of basic science:
General Physics
and General Physics Laboratory
CHEM 131-0
CHEM 132-0
CHEM 141-0
CHEM 142-0
General Chemistry 1
and General Chemistry 2
and General Chemistry Laboratory 1
and General Chemistry Laboratory 2
or CHEM 151-0
CHEM 152-0
CHEM 161-0
CHEM 162-0
Accelerated General Chemistry 1
and Accelerated General Chemistry 2
and Accelerated General Chemistry Laboratory 1
and Accelerated General Chemistry Laboratory 2
or CHEM 171-0
CHEM 172-0
CHEM 181-0
CHEM 182-0
Advanced General Inorganic Chemistry
and Advanced General Physical Chemistry
and Advanced General Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory
and Advanced General Physical Chemistry Laboratory
3 design and communications courses
5 basic engineering courses:
CIV_ENV 304-0Civil and Environmental Engineering Systems Analysis
BMD_ENG 250-0Thermodynamics
or CHEM_ENG 211-0 Thermodynamics
MECH_ENG 241-0Fluid Mechanics I
CIV_ENV 306-0Uncertainty Analysis
MAT_SCI 201-0Introduction to Materials
7 social sciences/humanities courses
5 unrestricted electives

Major Program (16 units)

Course Title
3 Gateway Courses
CIV_ENV 201-0Engineering Possibilities: Decision Science in the Age of Smart Technologies
CIV_ENV 202-0Biological and Ecological Principles
CIV_ENV 203-0Earth in the Anthropocene
9 Environmental Engineering Core Courses
CHEM 210-1Organic Chemistry
CIV_ENV 260-0Environmental Systems and Processes
CIV_ENV 340-0Hydraulics and Hydrology
CIV_ENV 355-0Hydrogeology and Subsurface Contamination
CIV_ENV 361-1Environmental Microbiology
CIV_ENV 364-0Sustainable Water Systems
CIV_ENV 365-0Environmental Laboratory
CIV_ENV 367-0Chemical Processes in Aquatic Systems
CIV_ENV 382-1Capstone Design I
CIV_ENV 382-2Capstone Design II
4 Technical Electives 1
Professional Development 2
CIV_ENV 301-1Professional Development Seminar I