Mechanical Engineering Degree

Students must also complete the Undergraduate Registration Requirement and the degree requirements of their home school.

Course Title
Requirements (48 units)
Core Courses (32 units) 1
4 mathematics courses
4 engineering analysis and computer proficiency courses
4 units of basic science:
General Physics
and General Physics
and General Physics Laboratory
and General Physics Laboratory
CHEM 131-0
CHEM 141-0
General Chemistry 1
and General Chemistry Laboratory 1
or CHEM 151-0
CHEM 161-0
Accelerated General Chemistry 1
and Accelerated General Chemistry Laboratory 1
or CHEM 171-0
CHEM 181-0
Advanced General Inorganic Chemistry
and Advanced General Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory
3 design and communications courses
5 basic engineering courses:
MECH_ENG 233-0Electronics Design 2
CIV_ENV 216-0Mechanics of Materials I
MECH_ENG 241-0Fluid Mechanics I
MAT_SCI 201-0Introduction to Materials
MECH_ENG 222-0Thermodynamics & Statistical Mechanics - I 3
7 social sciences/humanities courses
5 unrestricted electives
Major Program (16 units)
7 required courses:
MECH_ENG 202-0Mechanics II
MECH_ENG 224-0Experimental Engineering
MECH_ENG 240-0Intro to Mechanical Design & Manufactrng
MECH_ENG 315-0Theory of Machines - Design of Elements
MECH_ENG 340-1Comp Integ Manufacturing: Manufacturing Processes
MECH_ENG 377-0Heat Transfer I
MECH_ENG 390-0Intro to Dynamic Systems
2 capstone courses:
MECH_ENG 398-1
MECH_ENG 398-2
Engineering Design - Senior Capstone, Quarter 1
and Engineering Design II - Senior Capstone, Quarter 2 (taken sequentially and counting toward the final 12 units taken before graduation)
3 advanced study courses, including 1 from each group:
4 electives:
See Electives Requirements below

Electives Requirements

  • 4 electives
    • All technical electives must be 300 level or above.
    • 1 technical elective must be a mathematics or basic science course.
    • 2 technical electives must be mechanical engineering courses.
    • 1 technical elective may be in mathematics, basic science, or engineering
    • Students are encouraged to concentrate electives in areas of interest. A list of nine areas of concentration, including appropriate courses and descriptions, is available on the department website.
    • No more than 2 units of MECH_ENG 399-0 Projects are allowed.
    • DSGN 360-0 Design Competition carries 1 unit of credit only if taken over 2 consecutive quarters. If repeated for credit, only 1 unit may be used as a technical elective, and no more than 2 units total may count toward the degree.
    • DSGN 245-0 Introduction to Computer Aided Design I: NX may not be counted toward the degree even as an unrestricted elective.

Advanced Study Courses


Course Title
MECH_ENG 314-0Machine Dynamics
MECH_ENG 363-0Mechanical Vibrations
EECS 360-0Introduction to Feedback Systems


Course Title
MECH_ENG 327-0Finite Elements for Stress Analysis
MECH_ENG 362-0Stress Analysis

Thermofluid Science

Course Title
MECH_ENG 322-0Thermodynamics & Statistical Mechanics - II
MECH_ENG 373-0Engineering Fluid Mechanics