Undergraduate Registration Requirements (URR)

The Undergraduate Registration Requirement applies to undergraduate students seeking a bachelor’s degree and must be completed in addition to the established degree requirements. The URR is predicated on the principle that when a student receives a bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University, the majority of the student’s academic work is completed at the University.

SPS requires that students complete 45 units to meet graduation requirements. In addition, the URR specifies the number of quarters a student must be registered at Northwestern and the number of units of credit a student must earn at Northwestern.

URR for Students with Less Than 11 Units of Transfer Credit

Quarters at Northwestern: 91
Earned Northwestern credits: 32

URR for Students with 11 to 22 Units of Transfer Credit

Quarters at Northwestern: 61
Earned Northwestern credits: 23


For the purpose of counting toward the URR, “a quarter at Northwestern” means that students have met all of the following criteria:

  • Complete courses under the supervision of Northwestern faculty member(s)
  • Register for and complete courses worth at least 1.00 unit of credit in a term
  • Receive any of the following grades in credit-bearing classes: A, B, C (including pluses and minuses), D, F, P, N, X, Y or W

Please note that most study abroad and transfer credit does not count toward requirements of the URR, except courses in Northwestern study abroad programs with Northwestern course numbers and the SA course suffix. These count toward the URR as long as all other provisions are met.