Psychology Minor

The minor in psychology reflects the view that the undergraduate study of psychology should combine a methodological core with breadth of content. The minor therefore requires the introductory course (PSYCH 110-0 Introduction to Psychology), the 2 central methods courses (PSYCH 201-0 Statistical Methods in Psychology and PSYCH 205-0 Research Methods in Psychology), and at least 1 course from each of the two main content areas defined for the major. Note that first-year seminars do not count towards the minor. In addition to the courses specifically listed below, all other psychology department courses can also count toward the 4 additional courses for the minor. 

Course Title
Minor Requirements (7 units)
3 core courses:
Introduction to Psychology
Statistical Methods in Psychology (or approved substiture)
Research Methods in Psychology
4 additional courses:
At least 1 personality, clinical, or social psychology course from: 1
Social Psychology
Psychology of Personality
Special Topics in Social/Clinical/Personality
Relationship Science
Social and Personality Development
At least 1 cognitive psychology or neuroscience course from: 1
Introduction to Neuroscience
Cognitive Psychology
Intermediate Neuroscience
Brain and Cognition
Brain Damage and the Mind
Special Topics in Cognition/Neuroscience
Psychology of Instructional Design and Technology
Cognitive Development
Language and the Brain
Learning, Representation & Reasoning
At least 1 200-level psychology department course 2
At least 2 300-level psychology department courses 3