Psychology Minor

The minor in psychology reflects the view that the undergraduate study of psychology should combine a methodological core with breadth of content. The minor therefore requires the introductory course (PSYCH 110-0 Introduction to Psychology), the 2 central methods courses (PSYCH 201-0 Statistical Methods in Psychology and PSYCH 205-0 Research Methods in Psychology), and at least 1 course from each of the two main content areas defined for the major. Note that first-year seminars do not count towards the minor.

Course Title
Minor Requirements (7 units)
3 core courses:
Introduction to Psychology
Statistical Methods in Psychology (or approved substiture)
Research Methods in Psychology
4 additional courses:
At least 1 personality, clinical, or social psychology course from: 1
Social Psychology
Psychology of Personality
Special Topics in Social/Clinical/Personality
Social and Personality Development
Advanced Seminar in Personality, Clinical, or Social Psychology
Close Relationships
At least 1 cognitive psychology or neuroscience course from: 1
Introduction to Neuroscience
Cognitive Psychology
Selected Topics in Neuroscience and Psychophysiology
Special Topics in Cognition/Neuroscience
Psychology of Thinking
Psychology of Instructional Design and Technology
Advanced Seminar in Cognition or Neuroscience
Brain Damage and the Mind
Cognitive Development
Images of Cognition
Brain and Cognition
Language and the Brain
Learning, Representation & Reasoning
At least 1 200-level psychology department course 2
At least 2 300-level psychology department courses 3