Advanced Accounting, Certificate


Depending on previous accounting coursework, students are required to complete four to eight1 of the courses listed below.

Course Title
ACCOUNT 210-DLIntermediate Accounting I
ACCOUNT 211-DLIntermediate Accounting II
ACCOUNT 308-DLIncome Tax II
ACCOUNT 310-DLManagerial Cost Accounting
ACCOUNT 350-DLAuditing I
ACCOUNT 360-DLAuditing II
ACCOUNT 390-DLTopics in Accounting: (International Accounting)
ACCOUNT 390-DLTopics in Accounting: (Forensic Accounting)
ACCOUNT 390-DLTopics in Accounting: (Research & Communication)


Unless the candidate has completed a master's degree in accounting or business from an institution that meets the accreditation requirements, to meet the educational requirements for the Illinois CPA Exam, candidates must have completed 150 Semester Credit Hours (SCH), which includes:

  • 30 SCH in accounting (including Managerial Accounting, Taxation, Financial Accounting, Audit and at least 2 SCH Hours of Research & Analysis) and 
  • 24 SCH in business (including 2 SCH of Business Communication and 3 SCH of Business Ethics).

Students who require additional business SCH should consider the Business Essentials Certificate and also search the courses listed on the Northwestern School of Professional Studies Post-Baccalaureate Programs page.  

 A Northwestern University unit (4 quarter hours) is equivalent to 2.67 semester hours. To determine the semester hour equivalent of total courses taken at Northwestern, multiply the total units by 2.67.

The Illinois Board of Examiners will round 2.6 semester hours or greater up to 3 semester hours.