Radio/Television/Film (RTVF)

RTVF 190-CN Media Construction (1 Unit)  

Introduces the core components of media-idea, image, sound, and sequence with the technical fundamentals involved in shooting and editing video.

RTVF 220-CN Analyzing Media Texts (1 Unit)  

Introduction to the study of the moving image. Basic elements of style across media including film, television, and interactive media. Focus on close analysis of texts to find significance. Carries humanities credit.

RTVF 230-CN Understanding Media Contexts (1 Unit)  

Media industries as social and cultural forces; economic and political dimensions of the global media. Carries humanities credit.

RTVF 260-CN Foundations of Screenwriting (1 Unit)  

Introduction to writing for the screen (film, television, and/or computer). Structure, character, dialogue, format, voice, scope, pace, context. Lecture/workshop.

RTVF 298-CN Studies in Media Topics (1 Unit)  

Theoretical or practical topics, or both; emphasis on evolving trends. May be repeated for credit with different topic.

RTVF 310-CN Television History (1 Unit)  

Political, cultural, social, and industrial history of television, from the classic network era to the post-network contemporary period of media convergence. Exploration of programs as well as major events and shifts in television history. Carries humanities credit.

RTVF 312-CN History of Film (1 Unit)  

International survey of motion pictures as a distinctive medium of expression from its prehistory to the present. Carries humanities credit.

RTVF 321-CN Radio/Television/Film Authorship (1 Unit)  

Idea of authorship in the media and an examination of different uses of author theory related to the work of particular artists. Carries humanities credit.

RTVF 322-CN Genre (1 Unit)  

Concept of genre in the media, with reference to popular American forms. Carries humanities credit.

RTVF 325-CN Film, Media & Gender (1 Unit)  

Explores issues of gender in film and media. Introduces students to major debates and theories regarding gender and sexuality in the media. Carries humanities credit.

RTVF 360-CN Topics in Screenwriting (1 Unit)  

Various approaches to screenwriting, emphasizing different modes and genres, such as the short film, the feature film, screenplays based on preexisting material, the teen film, interactive computer scenarios. Topics vary. May be repeated for credit with different topic.

Prerequisite: RTVF 260-CN or instructor permission.

RTVF 363-CN Topics in Media Writing (1 Unit)  

NPEP course.

RTVF 379-CN Topics in Film/Video/Audio Production (1 Unit)  

In-depth study and practice of one area of film, video, or television. Topics vary. May be repeated for credit with different topic.

RTVF 392-CN Documentary Production (1 Unit)  

Students examine documentary practices and produce their own short documentaries.

Prerequisite: RTVF 190-CN.

RTVF 398-CN Issues in Radio/Television/Film (1 Unit)  

Special issues and topics in the analysis of radio, television, film, and popular culture. Topics vary. May be repeated for credit with different topic. Carries humanities credit.

RTVF 399-CN Independent Study (1 Unit)