Interdisciplinary Studies in Regulatory Compliance, Advanced Graduate Certificate


To complete this certificate students must complete any four of the following courses:

Course Title
MSRC 401-DLQuality Systems
MSRC 405-DLApplied Research and Writing
MSRC 435-DLRisk and Decision Management
MSRC 481-DLLeadership in the Regulatory Environment
CLIN_RES 400-DLEssentials of Initiating Clinical Research
CLIN_RES 401-DLResponsible Conduct of Research
CLIN_RES 403-DLClinical Research Design & Methodology
HC_COM 410-DLHealthcare Regulatory Environment
HC_COM 411-DLHealthcare Programs and Enforcement
HC_COM 413-DLHealthcare Billing Models & Systems
HC_COM 415-DLIT Systems Compliance
QARS 420-DLPractical Quality Management
QARS 421-DLApplied Quality & Regulatory Practices
QARS 425-DLQuality Assurance Project Management
QARS 450-DLMedical Device Regulations
QARS 460-DLDrug and Biologics Regulations

Any course that has a prerequisite may be taken provided the student has met prerequisites through course completion or course waiver.

Please note that courses completed in the certificate program cannot be transferred to the corresponding graduate degree.