BSJ/BMus in Journalism and Music


This dual bachelor’s degree program allows students to earn both a bachelor of science in journalism from Medill and a bachelor of music from the Bienen School (BSJ/BMus). The program is intended to prepare students for journalism careers emphasizing music and arts reporting. Prospective students typically apply to the program while applying for undergraduate admission to Northwestern.

Dual degree students must complete all requirements for both degrees (see the double counting allowances in the chart below) and the Undergraduate Registration Requirement. Each school enforces all of its policies regarding requirements. A minimum of 25 non-music units are required for the journalism degree; a minimum of 30 units are required for the music degree.

Current students interested in pursuing the dual degree in journalism and music should contact the assistant dean for student affairs in the Bienen School and the assistant dean of student affairs in Medill.

BSJ/BMus Course Requirements

Course Title
BM degree (Bienen): complete all core and major requirements
BM degree (Bienen): all distribution requirements are fulfilled by journalism degree requirements
BSJ degree (Medill): complete all degree requirements with the following double counting allowances:
MUSIC 111-1, MUSIC 111-2, and MUSIC 111-3: 1 unit Empirical and Deductive Reasoning
MUSIC 211-1, MUSIC 211-2, and MUSIC 211-3: 1 unit Empirical and Deductive Reasoning
MUSIC 214-0: 1 unit Literature and Arts
MUSIC 215-0: 1 unit Literature and Arts
MUSIC 216-0: 1 unit Literature and Arts
Music major courses fulfill "WCAS Elective Concentration"
Music major courses fulfill all but three "Electives"