Music Composition (MUS_COMP)

MUS_COMP 314-1 Instrumentation (1 Unit)  

Instruments of the orchestra; scoring techniques; analysis of instrumental combinations.

Prerequisite: MUSIC 211-3 or consent of instructor.

MUS_COMP 314-2 Orchestration (1 Unit)  

Stylistic scoring projects; analysis of orchestral and chamber scores.

Prerequisite: MUS_COMP 314-1 or consent of instructor.

MUS_COMP 314-3 Advanced Orchestration (1 Unit)  

Contemporary scoring techniques; creative projects; analysis of orchestral and chamber scores.

Prerequisite: MUS_COMP 314-2, graduate standing, or consent of instructor.

MUS_COMP 340-0 Composition Workshop (1 Unit)  

Topics vary by quarter. Examples include Composer/Performer, Composing for Percussion, Composing for Dance, Composing for Solo Instrument.

Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

MUS_COMP 399-0 Independent Study (0.5-1 Unit)  

MUS_COMP 435-0 Selected Topics (1 Unit)  

MUS_COMP 436-0 Contemporary Repertoire (1 Unit)  

MUS_COMP 437-0 Topics in Contemporary Repertoire (1 Unit)  

MUS_COMP 438-0 Composer Portraits (1 Unit)  

MUS_COMP 439-0 Compositional Concepts and Techniques (1 Unit)  

MUS_COMP 440-0 Composition Workshop (1 Unit)  

MUS_COMP 490-0 Composition Colloquium (0 Unit)  

MUS_COMP 499-0 Independent Study (1 Unit)  


MUS_COMP 512-0 Applied Composition for Music Majors (1 Unit)  

MUS_COMP 580-0 Doctoral Recital (0 Unit)  

MUS_COMP 585-0 Doctoral Lecture Recital (1 Unit)  

MUS_COMP 590-0 Research (1-4 Units)  

Summer program for first and second year PhD students.

MUS_COMP 595-0 Doctoral Research Document (1 Unit)