Student Handbook and Code of Conduct

The Northwestern University Student Handbook describes the expectations for behavior and conduct in the Northwestern community and outlines the procedures to be followed when these expectations are not met.

Student Expectations and COVID-19 Code of Conduct

Northwestern University is excited, yet cautious, about welcoming students back. The well-being of our Wildcat community continues to be our highest priority. Northwestern has developed the following expectations for all enrolled students who return to campus or participate in any University program (even remotely). Northwestern University may modify these expectations at any time as guidance from federal, state, and local governments and/or the University evolves. Substantive modifications will be communicated to you. As a reminder, in addition to the expectations set forth below, all students are expected to follow policies applicable to students, including those contained in the Student Handbook or your specific academic program.

To be eligible to enroll, students must agree to the following:

  • I will regularly monitor the University’s guidelines related to COVID-19 on the COVID-19 site and stay updated on any guidance provided by the University.
  • While on campus I will abide by any applicable safety or hygiene standards recommended by Northwestern and any applicable agencies, including the Illinois Department of Public Health or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).
  • I will monitor and comply with all of Northwestern’s expectations regarding the COVID-19 vaccination and exceptions process, including expectations for those who are not fully vaccinated.
  • I will cooperate with any contact tracing efforts by the University.
  • I will participate in any additional health screening required by the University.
  • I will immediately report any exposure to COVID-19 to Northwestern University Health Service or to any other offices/functions required by Northwestern and will not participate in in-person activities until I am cleared by the University.
  • I will follow the University’s guidelines on self-isolation and/or quarantining and any applicable guidelines or requirements from public health agencies.
  • If I will be residing in University housing, I will review the Expectations for Residents During COVID-19 and follow the expectations set forth therein.

I have read and understand this summary of expectations, and agree to follow all Northwestern University guidelines related to reducing the spread of COVID-19. If I do not follow these expectations, I may be referred to the Office of Community Standards or my dean’s office for follow up and the consequences of regular noncompliance may include removal from campus. I understand these expectations may change given the evolving nature of the pandemic. I further understand that if I have questions, I can raise them with the appropriate University office.

I understand and acknowledge that while Northwestern is continuing to follow the guidance of public health officials to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, much of the nature of the COVID-19 virus is still unknown (including potential long term health effects), and Northwestern cannot control risks associated with COVID-19 or guarantee that the campus (including any building) is free of the virus, or that I or my belongings will not be exposed to COVID-19, and that such exposure may result in illness and/or a disruption to my student experience. I recognize that individuals with the following conditions may have a higher risk from COVID-19 infection: age 65 or older, HIV, asthma, chronic lung disease, diabetes, serious heart condition, chronic kidney disease being treated with dialysis, severe obesity, immunocompromised, and certain pregnancy related conditions. I also understand that information suggests there may be heart or lung complications affiliated with COVID-19. I understand that if I am diagnosed with COVID-19 or was in close contact with someone with COVID-19 I should seek consultation from a medical provider and receive medical clearance before returning to any athletic activities, including club or intramural sports.

I understand and acknowledge that the University hopes that most instruction and activities will take place in person in the upcoming term. However, the University’s ability to do so is dependent upon evolving health guidelines, conditions on campus, and space availability. Accordingly, activities may be cancelled or postponed, and the University may need to reevaluate course modality at some point in the term. The University and its schools and units may also adjust other features of the academic experience, like course offerings and grading. Such changes will be communicated to students by the University, their school, or program. Tuition and fees will not be refunded or prorated in these circumstances. Tuition and fees also will not be refunded or prorated if I choose to participate in courses offered remotely.

I understand and acknowledge that Northwestern may need to make additional sudden changes to the campus environment – including requiring students to leave campus – which may also impact my experience.

I understand and acknowledge that I have informed awareness of these risks and share the responsibility for minimizing risk of exposure to and spread of COVID-19 to myself and others, and that I am voluntarily resuming my academic program. If I decline the option to resume my academic program, I understand that I am making that decision voluntarily and understand any programmatic or financial implications of that decision. If I have questions about this, I will contact my academic program.

If I’m a student with a disability in need of a reasonable accommodation, I understand I should contact AccessibleNU to go through the accommodation process.

All enrolled students must acknowledge via CAESAR that they read and understood this statement and agreed to the terms set forth above.