Environmental Policy and Culture Adjunct Major

The adjunct major in Environmental Policy and Culture provides an intellectual home for those students interested in studying environmental questions from the perspective of the social sciences and humanities.

Students must also complete the Undergraduate Registration Requirement and the degree requirements of their home school.

NOTE: This Catalog describes Weinberg College BA requirements that pertain to students who matriculated at Northwestern after spring quarter 2023. Refer to the Archives if you are following BA requirements described in the 2018-2019 through 2022-2023 editions.

EPC adjunct major requirements (11 units)

Lists of courses that fulfill described requirements can be found below. Check website for quarterly updates about additional options.

Core Course List (students in the EPC adjunct major choose 4):

Course Title
ENVR_POL 211-0Food and Society: An Introduction
or SOCIOL 211-0 Food and Society: An Introduction
ENVR_POL 212-0Environment and Society
or SOCIOL 212-0 Environment and Society
ENVR_POL 309-0American Environmental History
or HISTORY 309-0 American Environmental History
ENVR_POL 337-0Hazard, Disaster and Society
or GBL_HLTH 337-0 Hazard, Disaster and Society
ENVR_POL 340-0Global Environments and World History
or HISTORY 376-0 Global Environments and World History
ENVR_POL 360-0Animal Law
or LEGAL_ST 360-0 Animal Law
ENVR_POL 383-0Environmental Anthropology
or ANTHRO 383-0 Environmental Anthropology
ENVR_POL 384-0Political Ecology
or ANTHRO 382-0 Political Ecology
ENVR_POL 385-0Archaeologies of Sustainability and Collapse
or ANTHRO 326-0 Archaeologies of Sustainability and Collapse

Elective Course List (students in the EPC adjunct major complete a total of 3 elective units):

This is a sample of courses offered for credit as electives. See the EPC website for further offerings each term.

Course Title
ENVR_POL 390-0Special Topics in Environmental Policy and Culture
CIV_ENV 303-0Environmental Law and Policy
CIV_ENV 309-0Climate and Energy - Law and Policy
COMM_ST 383-0Media, Communication, and Environment
ENGLISH 283-0Introduction to Literature and the Environment
ENGLISH 284-0Topics in Literature and the Environment
GEOG 211-0World Biogeography
GEOG 240-0Economic Geography
GEOG 312-0Geography of Chicago & Its Region
GEOG 313-0North America
GEOG 328-0The Human Use of the Earth
HISTORY 251-0The Politics of Disaster: A Global Environmental History

Ethics Course List (students in the EPC adjunct major choose 1):

Course Title
CIV_ENV 308-0Environmental Justice
ENVR_POL 338-0Environmental Justice
or GBL_HLTH 338-0 Environmental Justice
PHIL 268-0Ethics and the Environment
PHIL 270-0Climate Change and Sustainability: Ethical Dimensions
or ISEN 230-0 Climate Change and Sustainability: Ethical Dimensions

Methods Course List (students in the EPC adjunct major choose 1):

Course Title
ANTHRO 324-0Archaeological Survey Methods
ANTHRO 389-0Ethnographic Methods and Analysis
COMP_LIT 200-0Introduction to Literary Theory
EARTH 360-0Instrumentation and Field Methods
ENGLISH 300-0Seminar in Reading and Interpretation
POLI_SCI 210-0Introduction to Empirical Methods in Political Science
POLI_SCI 211-0Introduction to Interpretive Methods in Political Science
POLI_SCI 312-0Statistical Research Methods
SOCIOL 303-0Analysis and Interpretation of Social Data
SOCIOL 329-0Field Research and Methods of Data Collection
STAT 202-0Introduction to Statistics and Data Science
STAT 210-0Introduction to Probability and Statistics

Natural Science Course Lists (students in the EPC adjunct major choose 2 from one of the following lists):

Diversity and Evolution

Course Title
BIOL_SCI 103-0Diversity of Life
BIOL_SCI 336-0Spring Flora
BIOL_SCI 342-0Evolutionary Processes
BIOL_SCI 350-0Plant Evolution and Diversity Lab

Ecology and Conservation

Course Title
BIOL_SCI 109-0The Nature of Plants
BIOL_SCI 333-0Plant-Animal Interactions
BIOL_SCI 339-0Critical Topics in Ecology and Conservation
BIOL_SCI 347-0Conservation Biology
BIOL_SCI 349-0Community Ecology

Earth Systems and Planetary Change

Course Title
EARTH 105-0Climate Catastrophes in Earth History
EARTH 106-0The Ocean, the Atmosphere & Our Climate
EARTH 201-0Earth Systems Revealed
EARTH 203-0Earth System History
ENVR_SCI 201-0Earth: A Habitable Planet
ENVR_SCI 202-0The Health of the Biosphere


Course Title
CIV_ENV 203-0Earth in the Anthropocene
CIV_ENV 368-0Sustainability: The City
ENVR_SCI 203-0Humans and the Environment
ISEN 210-0Introduction to Sustainability: Challenges and Solutions
ISEN 220-0Introduction to Energy Systems for the 21st Century

Field Experience for the EPC adjunct major - projects as approved by the program. Examples listed here.

  • ENVR_POL 399-0 Independent Study.
  • Northwestern University grant-supported relevant research projects (URAP, AYURG, SURG)
  • Relevant Study Abroad field courses/experiences.
  • Relevant Chicago Field Studies internships such as CFS 387-0 Field Studies in Environment, Science, and Sustainability
  • Relevant Engage Chicago Summer Field Study; CFS 397-0 Field Studies in Civic Engagement

Academic units of credit earned in the process of completing a field experience, if posted to the Northwestern University transcript, may be directed to the elective course requirement.